Some sources of the golden billion

Some of the origins of the "golden billion"

What is the golden billion, our enlightened reader "chew" is not necessary. But his personal notion of it share, using the creator.

It's a huge amount of human gentlemen and ladies of fortune, who took to the action and osuschestvivlyayuschih covenants Calvin and practical bases of Judaism godly personal current of success though by what method.

Settlement area "zlatomilliardikov" — the Promised the promised land, according to its monks and envious because of the high fence. She lures to discover not only the "shared citizenship" Atlantic Peace and cosmopolitan of different origin and profession, and the ideal (according to them), the Patriots are not so prosperous countries, for whom the love of country does not preclude her unending separation, as for Turgenev hero who longed for home in the middle of the Germans, despite the bast of gold wire. The efforts of the best-known example in the world Chuchkov Abramovich changed the arctic air untainted town Whalen on smog covered London.

Citizens superstrany Golden Billion, obviously, could not be without ideology. And her appearance is not forced myself to expect. I will not list its provisions — the place does not allow. But point out the one of the cornerstones of pebbles. They Tipo itself is most evident humanism original founders, the eternal love of mankind, from which resulted, various kinds of "tolerance" (for "racially inferior", foreigners, people of other faiths, dissenters, etc.) and, in the end, Her Holiness Western Democracy which does not tolerate any other democracy (both subject to the bombing, as Iraq).

Of course, the notion of a common atlantodemokratoidov Russian democracy, manifested in its highest performance when choosing a ruling dynasty in 1613, it is possible, with many slips agree with today's principles of democracy, the American way. But in the midst of reservations certainly will hear "evidence" of "natural" inconsistencies Russian "highest democratic idea." And in the middle of the main obstacles will be listed unforgivable ruthlessness descendants of the famous Roos, they have shown at the historic track. Connects voedinyzhdy their concept of "barbarism." Do not doubt that it is not forgotten and will be the ones that I list below …

First, our partners in the "unloading" poke a finger in the fossil record. Here is the testimony of the defeat in Kiev in 1169 g.velichavym Prince of Vladimir Andrew Bogolyubsky (beloved of a certain part of the recurring theme of publications in Ukraine). But not the least of desolation "Mati gorodom Ruska" another prince from Kiev, named Rurik, in 1202 (this is a case of "independence" for good reason historians glossed over). It is outrageous hristomatiynymi ruin Novgorod Ivan IV, undone by his personal order, without trial, four thousand souls subjects (according to the synodic), bloody "exploits" henchmen. Any "higher considerations" is not justified by the penalty baby — the son of Marina Mnishek and impostor. Blood run cold from the execution of Tsar Peter the archers. Cause compassion severed head Pugacheva, five Decembrists were hanged, strangled guy Sasha Ulyanov (poor guy could not destroy the inexperience of Alexander III), the royal family in the basement of the Ipatiev house, the victims of the Gulag … All right.

And if you break away from the "select" pages, read into the other? Neuzh is blood everywhere, fire, screams suffering? You can get away with reason. But there is, gives a clue to common sense, the remedy: clear consciousness of the Russian mud, looking in the Western chronicles. Oh, there is something you need to consider, traditional hristomatiynymi barbarism start playing out another 1,000 years ago — with the founding of the first institutions in the "Academy" at the court of Charles majestically from Parliament in London, in a word, with the emergence of what in Russia was and could not be "native barbaric nature of descendants of the famous Rus', as urged by the educated population of the earth with the Enlightenment, led the Yankees.

So take a look at other people's Chronicles by A.Goryanina ("The tradition of freedom and belonging in Russia", Moscow, 2007); K.Andersona ("Ireland, the year 1798 …" Date with history, MG, 1988), B. de Las Casas (1542 treatise "The shortest message about the destruction of the Indies"); F. Eria ("Family Bussardels" IL, Moscow, 1961), Henri Troyat ("Alexander I», ZHZL, Moscow, 1997); , F.Nesterova, ("Link of Times", Minsk, 1987) of other creators who, in his, turn, took advantage of the available information, including eyewitnesses of the events described. I apologize for the recommendation and its own work here (S.Sokurov, III that works, M., 2006, publ. Periodicals).

I. From A. Goryanina

Capital Publishing «Ad Marginem» released in 1999, the work of Michel Foucault's "Discipline and Punish" (on the cover — excoriation per person), with quotations from the regulations on procedures for public executions and torture in various European countries right up to the middle of the last (XX ) century. European entertainers have used a lot of imagination to make the execution is not only the most prolonged and painful, and spectacular — one of the chapters in the book entitled "Shine penalty." Reading is not for the impressionable. J. Callot etchings with garlands and bunches of grapes hanging from a tree of people — not a reflection of any painful fantasy artist, but a genuine ruthlessness of the characters in the XVII century Europe (for the sake of truth, torture was used and refined in Russia, but in most cases the "chamber", with inquiry, imposed on the public, as a prologue to the execution, occasionally. — SS).

During the Albigensian Crusade wars cut out more than half of the population of Southern France. Suppressor of Prussia, dignified Master of the Order of the Crusaders Conrad Wallenrod, furious at the Courland bishop gave orders to cut off the right hands of all the peasants of his diocese. And this was done! February 16, 1568 (the height of oprichniny time of Ivan the Terrible) Holy Inquisition condemned to destruction of all (!) Inhabitants of the Netherlands as heretics, and the Spanish ruler Philip II gave the order to bring the sentence into execution. This is not entirely successful, but the royal army has done what she could. Exclusively in Haarlem killed 20 thousand people, but only in the Netherlands — 100 thousand (in the history of the Russian Federation ok.1000 executed heretics. — SS).

Ruthlessness was generated by the same Western powers devastating wars in modern times, more bloodthirsty. The Thirty Years War in the XVII century, claimed half the population of Germany, and from 60 to 80% of the population of its southern part. Pope temporarily allowed polygamy to restore people's livestock. Taming Cromwell Ireland (in the middle. XVII century. — SS) cost her five sixths of its population. Our homeland in their own country almost seven centuries between Batu and Lenin similar bloodletting did not know and with such ferocity neobuzannoy was not familiar with the characters.

II.Ot B. de Las Casas

It is clear that Christians (here — Spanish Catholics. — SS) … killed more than 12 million (! — SS) shower Indians … They killed Christians with 2 methods: a bloody war and appea
l to the most cruel slavery in like what had never visited addressed neither man nor animal … and a prerequisite for the sole purpose of killing and destruction was the enrichment of Christians gold. For this they were willing to at least some arbitrariness in the new lands … And what I say, I know, for all the eyes beheld … Christians on horseback, armed with swords and spears, brutally murdered Indians were fighting for a mortgage … who among them one stroke blade will cut a person in half, or cut off his head, or open up the insides … In the village they built longish gallows and hanged on the 13-man for each of the 12 apostles and the glory of Christ. Indians wrapped the body with dry grass and burned or cut off your hands … I beheld these endless torment and a lot of others. Everyone who could leave fled to the forests and mountains, fled there from the Spaniards — so ruthless and ferocious beasts … When [the survivors] Redskins were divided between Christians, they began to pay them in the Catholic faith. Forced to work, but were not fed to satiety, was given only grass and vegetables — from which there is no strength to work … took advantage of the Indians as beasts of burden … milk in lactating women lost, and soon all the kids died … over procreation on the peninsula (island of Haiti. Later, white settled his slaves from Africa — SS)

III.Ot A. Goryanina

August 1, 1793 the revolutionary French Convention decreed with orders to "destroy the Vendee." First, in 1794 the army took up the cause. "Vendee should be a public cemetery," appointed General Tyurro, who led the "infernal columns" punitive. The execution lasted 18 months. Shootings and guillotines (from Paris brought even children's guillotine) to execute the decree was not enough. Destruction of people going by the views of the revolutionaries, not fast enough. Resolved: to drown. Nantes, writes Norman Davies, was "the Atlantic port of the slave trade, in connection with what's at hand there was a tremendous fleet of floating prisons". Invented by people to display a loaded barge to secure the cable harness at the mouth of the Loire, to drown her, and later again to pull the ropes to save and dry before a new use. It turned out, Davis writes, "a great reusable device for execution."

Just kill people revolutionary entertainer was not much. They find pleasure in the fact, that prior to loading onto barges to break the spouses odezhku and bind them in pairs. Pregnant women naked tied face to face with the elderly, boys with old women, priests with the girls, it was called "republican weddings."

To hide in the woods did not survive and died of starvation, was cut cattle, burned crops and houses. General Westerman wrote enthusiastically in Paris: "The citizens of the Republicans, the Vendée is not active! With our free saber she died together with their women, and their offspring. Using data from my right, I stomped kids stallions carved ladies. I have not regretted the 1st prisoner. I deleted all ". Emptied entire departments were exterminated from 400 thousand to a million people. Sadly, the national conscience of France Vendee, apparently, not torturing.

"In Russia before the Bolshevik anything similar to petit hecatomb had happened (even with the oppression of riots Razin and Pugachev. — SS). And then happened: the Don, Tambov province, in other places, "- A. Goryanin saw.

Genocide by the French for a part of its own people, it happens, try to "justify": plainclothes war, they say. But a look at the etchings of Goya number 36 in the series "The Disasters of War." Painter "inspired" the consequences of the order of the French command February 3, 1809 hang every second of the Spaniard was taken prisoner by the invaders. Behaved as representatives of "the most enlightened nation" in other countries and which were subjected to retaliation for this, a separate issue.

IV.Ot K. Anderson

"Throughout its history, the" green island "has absorbed a more blood than rain. But in 1798 (Age of Enlightenment! — SS) covered by it the whole of Ireland, as if a flood. Executions ahead of sentences (here and further Bldg. Myself. — SS). The trees were bursting under the weight of bodies. Gallows surged bridges over rivers, hung the bodies of those executed. As if the terrible lights sticking out on the streets and squares of the pins with their heads impaled on the rebels. Heaps of mutilated bodies were lying near them. Only a symbol of a special grace allowed families to bury loved ones. Bursting into the town, the British cut of all those who did not wear a uniform … Yeomen (Protestant farmers here. — SS) hours chasing the peasants (the Catholics here. — SS,), tirelessly destroying them, as if weed weed . They killed indiscriminately … All counties were covered with scaffolds. Blackened ruins of the deserted town, reminiscent of the ashes of old villages. The land was littered with corpses, some who were buried. Undisturbed, wandered zhireyuschie pig industry of human remains … The executioners and judges worked without rozdyhu … The "enlightened class" sought the indiscriminate shooting of "mad dogs", applauded the executioners. Lord Lieutenant wrote (to London. — SS): "Public worldview rest only with blood. Even at the dinner table discussions are conducted only on executions and the gallows, the news of the executions occur with glee … "Soldiers of His Majesty the torture practiced the craft, showing remarkable gumption. They have mastered the whip with metal hooks on the ends … learn to put people down barefoot on sharp stakes and set fire to the tarred hemp, neatly wound with her head "companion" … There have been rare master executioner. Take, for lieutenant Hepenstolla, called "walking the gallows," which vzdergival "irlashek" is not on the lintel, and on his own shoulders … "(War does not justify these atrocities. During the year before the uprising, Lord Moira testified in the House of Peers. — SS) "I beheld in Ireland very nasty tyranny … I know of cases where people scourged before losing consciousness, led a scourged and again, that take away from the sacrifice of confession … People were hanged, and then loosening the rope, to the horror of suffocation forced them to re- confess to their alleged sins. And all this is happening openly. I beheld the country that forced the invaders to force obedience. But never with the conquered countries did not apply so vile and offensive as Britain and Ireland "(emphasis here K.Andersonom. — SS)

V.Ot F.Eria, A.Truayya, S.Tsvetkova, etc. in literary interpretation

Not enough that the empty houses were robbed in Moscow, and the remaining residents have been fleeced, humiliated, maimed, killed by marauding soldiers of Napoleon. Before the retreat of the French government has ordered the mine all the palaces and temples of the Kremlin, to remove the cross from the Bell Tower of Ivan the stateliness, taking gilding with gold, to undermine "the mosque," he said of the St. Basil's Cathedral. If not for the dedication of the Muscovites, the center would Pervoprestolnoj reincarnated into the desert of ash and broken bricks. But some of the charges exploded. The tower gave the cracks, the palace of Catherine fell to one hundred percent. Tombs were plundered the majestic kings and princes, their remains dumped on the surface. Deprived of salaries, turned into wood chips icons. Orthodox churches were used as stables. The list is endless …

Immediately after crossing the Niemen, still overflowing conceit, full, not limp, perfectly suited up Napoleon's soldiers distinguished themselves in robberies and assaults over the western provinces of commoners, particularly in Vilna. But there was dominated by Catholics, who expected the restorat
ion of Poland and welcomed the "liberators." From the French and the other "languages" in the robbery did not lag Poles Dombrowski, who had previously mined freedom of its own people in the French army, depriving it of the Spanish and the other victims of the insatiable Corsican.

For Minsk, Vilna where repeated acts "of the city and the village suffered unprecedented devastation — recalls the Countess de Choiseul-Goofy. — Church looted, pillaged utensils, cemeteries desecrated, unfortunate ladies were insulted. " In June, under feed the horses gave nevyzrevshie bread in the fields. The corpses of dead animals were thrown into the river. Looting took on a mass character, lost the terror of punishment.

Spectacular robbery marked the first night of the occupation of Moscow. "In the tremendous, deserted and mute city … fighters krushat stores and warehouses, being dragged through the streets … who watches, who is a sack of flour, who is a basket with bottles of wine … And suddenly the darkness of the night tearing the flames … The streets are littered with shards of furniture, trampled into the clothes gryazyuka , mangled trunks, rent pictures "(A. Troyat). "Soldiers, canteen-keeper … — left a memory of Captain Labeaume — … went into the deserted palaces and took away everything that could satiate their greed … trooped down to the basement door and broke out after drinking the finest wines, left, staggering under the weight of the loot."

Picture of Lofty Army (more majestic, 100000th, combat-ready) output from Moscow more variegated. Still warm, the roads played havoc; thereon moving columns on foot and horseback, carriages, carts, laden with the good. The soldiers dragged on for themselves the stolen belongings. Officers in the ladies' mantles and fur hats — fancy characters. It seems that every creature on the pair across Europe — a mixture of dialects confirms. Henri Troyat correctly referred to this rabble nomads with mining, united terror that drives them into the unknown.

Employed allies … French provinces [1814] were devastated requisitions, 10's towns and villages looted. German General York with irritation was: "I thought that I have the honor to command the detachment of the Prussian army, now I see a gang of robbers." But the lord of Prussia justify their own fighter. Before the storm of the French capital, Friedrich Wilhelm slip "brother" Alexander, who feared for the lives and property of the Parisians, that "does not undertake to forbid such a comfortable and long-awaited option for the Prussian army" — revenge for all the misery of their homeland. The leader of the "Tartar hordes," as is often called the Russian shelf in the press and opponents of "friends", was shocked. It is not lawful for himself from revenge to deal with traitors, Poles, when he moved Neman. Moreover, even in Vilna Alexander signed an act of amnesty to the Poles of their subjects, who walked to Moscow and back under the banners of Napoleon, taking advantage of all that the income from estates in Little Russia and Belarus.

Now the Russian government is most lusted, that Paris did not understand the fate of Moscow. This was typical of his revenge. He never missed an option to remind the soldiers of their mission of liberation that is pleasing to God. Even under the walls of Leipzig, where there were killed in the famous Battle of the Nations, about 20,000 of his fellow citizens, the governor toured the troops, urging: "Be noble to the vanquished enemy, and to the unfortunate people!". In another battle risked his life when a Union cavalry chopped into pieces of Napoleon's recruits, who, having become a square, desperately fought with bayonets. Ruler with an escort by some miracle, not taking out his sword, rode into the middle of the square and stopped the destruction of more boys brave but foolhardy.

Russia usually such speeches of their own commanders (even more so, the higher of them) listened. Actions, such as described just above, made good on their memory. "For my Russian I guarantee" — read Alexander. But the citizens of Frederick William, apparently, shared a "special opinion" own king. Do they have accumulated a lot of experience. In Nogent Prussians tormented clothier stretch for limbs, extorting, where he was hiding assets; Provene thrown into the coals baby when his mother refused to issue a cache of jewelry. The most hated word in France is the word "cockroach". Their subjects did not lag behind Caesar Franz, who, "according to the rules of decent tone," holed up in Vienna, because the Austrian army now acted against his son-in (in 1810 Caesar bought off "Corsican monster," his daughter Marie-Louise). Only in one environment Vandoeuvre occupied by the Austrians, calculated the 550 people who died from wounds and beatings. In response, farmers, gathering in small groups of Frontier, more brutally cracked down on violators. Robbery Prussian units and divisions Austrian army stood out from the crowd occupied areas, although all the favorites were "finger in the pie." For the sake of the truth, should point the finger at the Cossacks, who defeated the property was regarded as a legitimate "trophies", and human blood, including his own, tinted water of thought. Try to curb the Cossack, if armed with a miner on his own deep nature.

By luck, the French, the Cossacks were a small quantity in the ranks of the Russian army. The Nightmare Before bearded centaur rushing whistling and whooping with lances, was replaced by a sigh of relief if the village or in the city were permanent Russian troops. They dramatically and profitably different from other units fighting on the side of the coalition countries, observing strict discipline even in the campaign. Noted one strshnoe sin hungry fighter stole bread from the bakery, for which he was shot. A distinctive feature of the Russian officers were self-discipline. F Eria writes: "All in the capital (Parizh. — SS) Russian was closer than the other allies … On the Champs Elysees reigned nice atmosphere friendly intimacy, which was not on the other bivouac" (and Cossacks under the supervision behaved differently . — SS).

Cringing French, mixed with the horror of the favorites, to be replaced by equally sincere respect, resulted in 1818 in appreciation. The commander of the Russian occupation corps Count Vorontsov was concerned about the first conflict-free coexistence of troops and civilians. But there was the problem: before sending the case to the Russian Vorontsov revealed that the Russian "owe" the French one and a half million in notes. Vorontsov has paid the debt of their own pockets by selling the most profitable of its own Russian estates. Is there anything in the history of warfare similar example? Not looking!

VI.Ot creator

Central Asia was not conquered from a third party not connected to the Russian Federation, with the consent of the rulers and the aspirations of its people, and, unlike most of the acquisitions of our rulers (from Daniil Alexandrovich to Joseph Stalin), conquered by the British in order to halt their advance from the Indian subcontinent to the north. Occupied by a small force, no big fights (the woman was taken by storm only Turkmen fortress of Geok-Tepe). Bukhara and Khiva attack was not necessary, given the opportunity to select the position in relation to Russia. Emir Khan and I puzzled and elected protectorate. Near by at the "white king" safer and calmer: out of clan wars, 200 days a year, when all the prisoners were sold into slavery, became a farmer to receive a peaceful field incomparably huge profits, new town, river and sea ports and railways (her built that only Russian division, which controlled the entire region from the Pamirs to the Caspian Sea) revived trade and agriculture industries began to appear, European
medicine and education eliminated millions of people from the endless seemed to dream of the Middle Ages. Sensible policy, executed political morality referred to M. Simashko ways to manage the acquisition of territory south of the 50th parallel, when at the helm of the Eastern policy became close with the military and bureaucrats Imperial Geographic Society and scientists Orientalists, even before the outbreak of hostilities specifically studied the local conditions and sentiments of those Muslims who have made the correct prediction of the behavior which have been won and gave tips conduct of the conquerors. From the beginning, the Russian campaigns did not intervene without a brain in the internal life of peoples and social groups, beliefs, customs, and did not change in a new way tenets of morality. The only thing that forbade resolutely ignoring the thousands of years of practice — the slave trade. For colonial officials became of mandatory knowledge of the local language, for it raised the salary.

Let's look at Western Siberia, reclaimed from the Khan Blue Horde Genghisides Kuchum and the rest, which became the Russian eventually peaceful, with a few exceptions, the peasant-Cossack colonization. Scribe books for three centuries demonstrate the steady growth of the indigenous population (for comparison: in about the same time, the number of North American redskins decreased in 10 (!) Times). Most of them already in the Russian period "colonizers" presented their writing and, stroke donation — even a kind of self-contained boundaries of the primitive inhabitants of the community camps. Kazakh border and found wandering horde-Zhuzes emerged like a hint that wander beyond it should not be (how that turned out — another broad topic).

In the Christian Caucasus long remembered how in 1797 the Persians took Tbilisi, Georgian woman cut each core on foot, as the one time in Kartli and Kakheti, there are only 70 thousand guys after frequent "visits" Janissaries. Wait a little because the Russian army did not bother the natives. New taxes were reasonable levies Muslims and partly vorachivalis Tiflis. "I remember a time when every regiment more than half of the officers … were local natives … Georgians, Armenians, Tatars were … Russian fighter fights for those who are so famous by the Caucasian Army" (S. Witte). Under Stalin-Dzhugashvili Georgians himself, without meeting, of course, objections, occupied a niche most prosperous civilization of the Soviet Union, and stayed in it until the end. Now, in the full criteria of poverty and poorer waiting for handouts from the ocean, on the Georgian feasts third toast toaster proclaims "for 37.50!" (Ticket price "Tbilisi-Moscow", which allowed each pochetaemomu highlander fly in for a day in the capital of the Soviet bloc — visit the "Aragva" remove blonde, bow expensive grave near the Kremlin wall.) Hundreds of thousands of Georgian families, and after the "war" in 2008 is powered by a salary in Russia

Muslim Caucasus and the Crimea, who lived virtually autonomous, also felt the benefits of regular life that give social empire … That's where you want to pause. Russian Empire differed from the above-mentioned European by the fact that there was a social, rather than the state. In short, the ruling classes are merged under the name of provinces or regions of the provinces received the rights and privileges of such available in the metropolis for the nobility and clergy, and other estates replenish the Russian series with the same set of rights (or lack of rights, as you like). Yes, received additional benefits: recruits before the introduction of military duty supplied only Orthodox, Catholic Poles and former Polish possessions, including Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians also. Feudalism was the lot of the Greek subjects of confession and even the inhabitants of the provinces pribaltiykih enslaved by the German nobles and barons for a long time in the occurrence of Livonia and Courland, later in the Vilna Russia. Self-guided Finns, "selected" from the Swedes, paid no taxes, recruits were not given. Crying Ukrainians imposed on Ukraine Petersburg slavery ploughmen — clean water hypocrisy. For the full 100 years before the famous decree of May 3, 1783 "… in disgust any shoots weighed down by landlords …" (from part-exempt land gentry Borderland together with the peasants got their hands on "their" landlords of Cossack officers and the police inspector (get a grasp in a quote!). At Age of Catherine Little Russian landowners get richer Great Russian, not surprisingly: rushing toward lytsarskomu rank colonel and pans to the privileges of their meager surroundings were deprived of the gentry of disgust to usury, trade, all kinds of little profit. And when the army of the landlords built Catherine was also the noble rank, but the Secretary of the Russian Federation became the mistress of countryman kazatskogo old Sasha Bezborod'ko (future Serene Prince and Chancellor of the Empire), dependent status of the descendants of those who led Bogdanov success, it was quite tight. Regarding New Russia, then raised the virgin soil, in the main , farmers, landowners transferred their central provinces.

As part of "Polish Heritage" was the 700000th (early XIX century.), The five millionth 100 years the Jewish population — in conjunction with anti-Semitism, not before the Russian characteristic; recently the collapse of the Soviet Union Jews considered themselves about 2 million people. Before the revolution, they lived under the laws of the rabbinate in the range of internal autonomy, engaging in trade and usury, denounced Christians. The introduction to their "Pale of Settlement" under Alexander III was caused by an unjustified attempt to avoid the pogroms in Little Russia 1881-1883 gg., When the troops had to shoot looters-Christians (to the place of the 1.5 thousand recorded riots in decades in 1250 accounted for Kingdom Poland, Ukraine (ok.1000) and Belarus, are responsible for 250 combatants in the civilian world, for Great-province have a maximum of 5 (5!) pogroms). For vykrestov there were no restrictions: selis where you want, even up to the general buck (that's Chief of Staff Denikin Romanovsky and have served). In 1886, students in the middle of Russian institutions was 15% of the Jews (at 4% of the total population). They and other peoples of the empire, who were close to the western culture (Poles, ostzeytsev, Finns, Protestants, originally from the Netherlands and the German principalities, settled two years ago in brand, in the Kuban and the Volga), to a large extent formed Russian intelligentsia and the bureaucracy. One time in the Municipal Council was 17% Lutherans, in addition, there are many Orthodox with German names. Socially active were Pontic Greeks and the Turks came running in transit through New Russia from the Turks, the South Slavs. The Jews were perceptible part passionaries-aliens who have taken pro-active role in the revolutionary movement, and in the second half of the twentieth century, Russian Jews formed the vanguard of the dissidents.

VII. From F.Nesterova

German farmers, attracted by the Teutonic Knights for the settlement of the Baltic states, immediately became a condition of the people, Mr. towards the local population. Same in the British colonization of Ireland, where the British have appropriated for themselves 7/8 of cropland, the same in the French colonization of Algeria, the Dutch — South African Jewish — Palestine, etc. Russian colonization, mostly farming, distinguished the feature that the settlers on the land was acquired for himself as much land as they could handle with your hands, Braley, obviously, very much, but in undeveloped borders, all the power went to the peaceful work, get along with abrigenami was profitable. Neither the 1st agricultural people, whether in the Volga region, the Baltic States, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the land
is not of otbrali. Serfdom was acquired by the inhabitants of the territories did not apply, it was preserved only where it was before the arrival of Russian. With all of this only Russian continued to bear the brunt of duties, including recruiting. Aborigines are usually subjected to burdensome tribute-paying extortion. Freed from their old, unhealthy and maimed; baptized could send municipal service. Enemy of autocracy S.Stepnyak-Kravchinskiy the study "Russian peasants" have to admit that after the conquest or peaceful accession of the new province under Russian control sets the order disappears slavery and racial discrimination laws introduced equal for all, "respect for them is achieved rigor is tempered justice, "the best managers are appointed by the people," whose ambition is stronger than greed. " F.Nesterov adds that nowhere were actually harmed the fundamental interests of the indigenous people. In contrast, during starvation, mass deaths of livestock and fishing animal, Russian grain became the salvation of the nomads, hunters and anglers. It is understood the government: "Through the bread … faster syschetsya utility than all other means" (from the report of the Governor of Orenburg in 1749). Herzen said: "Russia is expanding at a different law than America … Russia … like water bypasses the tribes from all sides … the United States is like an avalanche … all the bars in front of him, every step gained by them — a move the Indians lost." And now "price tags" of such "steps": Before the advent of the British in North America, there were 2,000,000 Redskins, to beg. The twentieth century. 200 thousand of them left (in Russian Siberia during this period of time marked by the growth of numerous tributaries of the population). But that was worth hunting prowess on the Redskins: scalp handed over authority issued 50 to £ 100 Not only was estimated scalp child, very — warriors, ladies — in the range of naming sums. I remembered the glorious battles of the valiant hero of the U.S. Army with the North American Indians F.Sheridan. This general recommended that the government did not risk the life of the Yankees in the battles with the savages. Rather, they say, porazdavat tribes of hunters gun, provide them with gunpowder and lead, as they rapidly kill all the livestock of buffaloes on the prairie. As can be seen, the Redskins waiting for the inevitable hunger, and they will be gone right for ungulates, freeing the area for the development of democracy, the Yankees, the most democratic in the world. By the way, this practice, without a trace of embarrassment, was moved to the Yankees in Vietnam, where they are for the upcoming celebration of democracy has fostered destroyed by napalm and chemicals tropical greenery, rice paddies, rivers, and with the same calculation.

Lord Curzon, the British Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Viceroy of India, called the colonial policy of the West, "the displacement of non-noble element cleaner", and the expansion of — "solid metal alloy with a weak". Very true definition of a racist and a Russophobe. Others, also shaped words, the British, the Germans, the French, the Spanish, the other holders of the colonies, breaking into someone's house, pressed the owners in the cramped, not living quarters or just get rid of them. Russia is in the possession of the neighbors are usually occupied free "living space" and made them common household where everyone involved in the business. And is not the privilege of getting a separate, countless more, the most active and successful nation-family, and the ruling top of almost all nationalities. I'll be back to Curzon, he wrote: "Russia certainly has an amazing gift to achieve loyalty and friendship, even those she subdued by force … The Russian fraternizing in the full sense of the word. It is entirely free from … kind of advantages and arrogance. He does not shy away from the public and home communication with alien and inferior races "(so apparently does not shy that he does not have the" inferior races. "- SS). Next Lord says in Russian stance of non-interference in the internal affairs of new subjects, tolerance to their religious rituals, customs and prejudices. Yes, it is hard to understand, "fraternizing in Russian" to those whom they subdued by force, frighten sophisticated execution of their leaders. Think of a lithograph from Vereshchagin painting "Execution sepoys': Prisoner tied back to the gun, even a moment — and to shreds! The painting itself has long gone, redeemed "the lords of the seas."

VIII. From A. Goryanina.

The history of Western civilization … … bloody and brutal was her practice. And not only in the distant past — in the twentieth century, too. In scale bloodletting and atrocities of the twentieth century overshadowed though what is past. In fact, there is no guarantee that this civilization did not return to the normal practice itself. (At this point I'd add: that the practice will be preceded by a "war of civilizations" predicted by the thinkers. For it is not now so tomorrow unfortunate political correctness in its development, generated not humanism, but the greed of capital, will put Europe on the brink of the abyss, and the Europeans will have to choose whether the most jump to oblivion or to push those she lured to discover the comfort of life, the specter of the "golden billion." — SS).

This is another, more severe issue than zapadolyubivye used to thinking of our fellow countrymen. Knowing what we know about Western civilization, it is hard not to state: her self-respect, for all its familiarity, it looks infinitely weird.

Sounds a sudden? Then cite the 1st of the most prominent historians of our time, Dr. Norman Davies, Oxford: "Everyone will agree that the crime of the West in the twentieth century have undermined the moral basis of his claims, including his claim to the past." As for almost the entire history of human life negligible cost not much specifically in Western Europe. Now without dipping into special studies even hard to imagine for themselves the Western European tradition of hard-heartedness in all its bleakness.


I, the creator of this work, I draw your attention to the "fresh" still an event that, according to N.Devisu, from among those that have undermined the moral basis of claims of the West not only in the past and present, and for the indefinite future. For the event, crime, ruthless and very mercantile, continues to the present time, increasing their negative impact on its individual participants and on humanity as a whole. Talking about the development of the United States the power of the criminal by any measure, the pseudo-state of Kosovo. It is a sin that ended the "Guernica" and "Dresden" of our day — the bombing of Serbia, NATO aircraft, supported by most of the countries of Europe, showing the solidarity of the Free World (and in fact, negligible dependence on the superpowers), the partners are enrolling in the murders and pogroms. Crime per se "derzhavotvorchestva" evidence does not ask (it's amazing build nods in the direction of Abkhazia. Abkhazia as a part of the GSPC — a creation of Stalin, under the authority of Tbilisi Abkhaz briefly visited the deepest-old, well, Our homeland perceived in their time Georgia and the individual phases of the kingdom and principalities "behind the wall of the Caucasus"). But the creation of the holy to all Orthodox Serbs Kosovo is an alien, foreign language "sovereign Kosovo" infidels as international sin pales before the diabolical essence of this ugly "product of democracy."

Yes get scared, after all, the spectacle of the market of human organs and objects serving it! After all, not counting the shopkeepers at the counters with a bloody product live there ar
e protected and recognized borders of the West and indestructible Rippers corpses and suppliers for processing a live product and supervisors doctors with the Hippocratic Oath, stuck in the throat, and true security for the two-legged slaughter, and the main Managing the rank pochetaemogo prime minister. Why was not he captured and taken to the prison is not like a drug dealer of President Noriega? Tormented by the question whether there are more Christians in the middle of Catholics and Protestants? Do they believe in the creator's own Jews? In my country, before the era of the Gulag, the Orthodox God abolished by fiat. Butchers and Apprentices candles for the repose of ruined souls did not put God in vain is not remembered. Or duplicity of the West and is a divine sign of its collective soul?

PS I hope there will be readers stated, that agree with my definition of some of the sources that feed and nourish the "promised land" where the still thriving elected "Golden Billion" semimilliardnogo population. Most of the earthlings trivial malnourished and facing a hopeless end goal. Or "to register in the middle of the well-fed (more precisely, overeating), which is trivial is unrealistic because of the limited land resources, first supply of goods. Or "subtract and divide" (then quickly extend their existence in the seized from the "golden dream"). Or perish in the throes of hunger and moral exhaustion, wasting time on useless running in pursuit of full and successful. But there is a way out of the deadlock. And who searches always finds, it is clear from the classics.

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