Sound therapy. Healing Vibration




Hippocrates pointed out that the word has a therapeutic effect on the human body. Approval of the ancient healer is under a completely scientific basis.

It is well known that each body and the operating system normally also on a certain frequency or a certain frequency range. If a particular disease, these characteristics change. In the pronunciation of the sound as a failure has occurred is removed, diseased organ or system is tuned to their frequency and begin to function normally again.

In ancient Chinese Qigong therapy for the recovery of the internal organs are used, for example, those sounds.

For the treatment of liver vytaraschivayut eyes and slowly exhale with the sound of "XU".

When exposed to light raises his hands, palms up, saying you exhale, "CN".

The heart heals through exhalation "CE" which performs a wide open mouth.

For the treatment of gallbladder pronounce on the exhale "SI", and the person should lie on your back or on your side.

The kidneys stimulate the exhalation "Chuy" tassels covering her knees and holding his head up.

A positive effect on the spleen exhale the "XY".

For the treatment of a cancer to pronounce the sound "CE". In this case you need to put both hands on the sick body: the left hand is pressed against the body, while the right hand is placed on top of the left hand.
During the session, sound therapy we must ensure that the sound was smooth, well-adjusted. The sounds uttered, most focusing on the internal organ that needs treatment. That it should be sent to exhale.

Diseases of the different bodies require different intensities of sound. In diseases of the heart or lungs, and more preferably a low average intensity of pronunciation. In diseases of the liver, spleen and stomach, kidney, and intestine using medium and high power sound. At the same time during each desired sound uttered from 3 to 9 times in a row.

AIF Health 21.2004

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