South America is spreading apart

In southern Peru, suddenly appeared a mysterious crack length of 3 km

Crack width of 100 meters and a length of three kilometers, appeared recently in the south of Peru — surrounding province Huakullani Chukuito (Huacullani district in the province of Chucuito in Puno) — it's not far from Lake Titicaca.

A crack appeared suddenly. Earth seemed to burst. Local far-scattered pieces of land are large.
Disappeared without a trace a family that was in the area of the anomaly.

The crack is not related to earthquakes. Since there was no seismic activity. And landslides phenomenon is not relevant. Since there is not a steep slope and a very gentle. This baffles scientists from local Geophysics Institute (Peru's geophysical institute).


They can not be called the cause of the geological cataclysm.

Cracks went and neighboring Bolivia. There was fault on the small towns of the central district of Cochabamba (Cochabamba). Damaged 45 homes.


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