South and East China are preparing for the arrival of tropical storm

A tropical cyclone over the city Kiongay, Hainan Province. June 17, 2012.At least two Chinese provinces will soon take over the kick in the fifth tropical storm this year, called Talim. It is expected that the development of a tropical cyclone storm will affect the eastern and southern parts of China. At the moment it is 740 km from the district Zhaoan, Fudzyan province, and 160 kilometers from Venchang, the southernmost point of Hainan Province.

Wind speed within the storm reaches 64 km / h Rain exceptional strength already recorded in many districts Fudzyana, located just across the Taiwan Strait, which is nearer the storm two days later. It is reported that the 24 districts of the province have received rainfall of 25-50mm. Rainfall in 10 other districts was 50-100 mm.
In the next 24 closest to the epicenter of the storm area face sediments above 100 mm. Meteorologists fear that such heavy rains will bring in Fudzyan and the neighboring province of Hainan floods. In Jiangxi, and Guangdong Zhedzyange can also go to Rain storm wind.
At the same time, the central part of north China experienced the strength of hot and dry weather. The surrounding cities of Beijing, Tianjin, and in some districts of the province Hebei, Henan and Shandong air temperature is kept at around 37-39 ° C. According to forecasts, this heat will last for two or three days.


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