South Korea hit typhoon Meara

South Korea is in the grip of a powerful typhoon "Meara", which is shifting to the north and, as expected, on Monday have a serious impact on the territory of North Korea.

Brunt of the disaster took over the South Korean resort island of Jeju. Strong wind led to the break power lines, resulting in a few hours without electricity were hundreds of people. Because of the typhoon were canceled many domestic flights, while the country's main international airport — Incheon — continues to operate normally.

Across the country, day after day are heavy showers.
Unfortunately, there were no casualties. 15-year-old boy was found dead near the city of Chungju. Believed to have been washed away a powerful stream of the mountain river, which because of the rains burst its banks.

According to the authorities, "Meara" led to the sinking of a total of nearly 600 hectares of arable land, destroyed dozens of greenhouses, severely damaged several streets in the provincial towns, and bridges in the southern and central parts of the country.

Note that prior to arriving in South Korea typhoon "Meara" caused serious damage to South-east Asia. In Vietnam, the Philippines and killed nearly thirty people. It is expected that on Monday the DPRK will be in the power of the typhoon. Experts fear that the "Meara" can cause serious damage to the agriculture of the North, and it will lead to an aggravation of the food situation in North Korea.


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