South of Mexico again declared a disaster

Immediately 16 districts of the Mexican state of Tabasco, located in the south of the country, announced on Friday a disaster, local media said.

The region suffers from the effects of showers that were here all last week. Many villages were flooded, some places have been recorded these floods destroyed many houses. The situation is so tense that the local authorities can not even tell the exact number of victims: the numbers range from 310 to 390 thousand people.

Saturday arrives in Tabasco Mexican Interior Minister Jose Francisco Blake Mora (Jose Francisco Blake Mora), which together with the Governor of the State seeks not only to discuss the issues with those in need, but also to fly a helicopter the areas most affected by the floods.

At the moment the rain stopped, but the weather forecasts are disappointing: in their view, on the night of Saturday, showers may return, due to the arrival of a cold front in the region.

In addition, during the rainy season the rivers and lakes were filled with water, which does not have time to go. Therefore, the return of showers can seriously aggravate the situation.

Authorities fear the potential distribution of diseases such as dengue and malaria in the wet conditions. In this regard, on November 1, civil defense forces will fumigate special trains shore waters, to destroy mosquitoes — potential peddlers diseases.


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