South of U.S. covered by forest fires

South of U.S. covered by forest fires

In the state of Texas are raging strongest steppe and forest fires. Despite the efforts of firefighters, has burned 40 homes.

Contributes to the spread of fire abnormally hot and dry weather, established in the southern states. Of greatest concern are two sources of ignition — one of thousands of area 71, and the other 60,000 acres. Do firefighters have all the necessary equipment, including helicopters and bulldozers, but until the flames continued to spread into new areas.

According to meteorologists from the U.S. National Weather Service, the heat subsides a few days. Experts warn that a Texas fire could spread to the territory of other states. Already announced warning of the possibility of fire in the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

While in the southern U.S. are raging fires, located in the northern state of meteorologists were reported several tornadoes. According to ITAR-TASS, one of the strongest tornado passed through the town in Maplton in Iowa, where 60 percent of the destroyed houses. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad declared Monona County, where the Maplton, a disaster. To help people affected by the disaster of National Guard soldiers sent to the United States.

The region is still a danger of a tornado. Tornadoes occur in the collision of warm and cold air masses. Currently, the southern United States is extremely hot weather. So, in Nashville on Sunday was set temperature record for this time of year. The air is warmed to 32.8 degrees. In this case, from the north to the United States advancing cold air mass. This may lead to new tornadoes.

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