South Ural scientists say Ilmen Mountains stir

Researchers from Miass found deep tectonic fissures in the bottom of the lake Big Miassovo. And to make sure that Ilmensky mountains move. According to the press service of the Ilmen State Reserve, aquatic ecology laboratory staff identify the causes of unusual phenomena that occur on the lake Big Miassovo.


Several years ago, scientists noticed a strange reduction of oxygen in the lake water. Oxygen depletion in the water column below the thermocline boundaries — the thermocline — a common phenomenon in many lakes in the South Urals.


The reason is that the oxygen in the deep layers involved in the oxidation of organic matter sediments. The temperature difference does not allow oxygen to penetrate the surface to a depth sufficient. As a result, oxygen-free fermentation of sludge thickness frequently granted hydrogen sulfide.


These phenomena in the lake Big Miassovo reached extreme: at a depth of 8-10 meters of oxygen is rapidly reduced to 10% -20%, and even a little deeper analytical drops to zero. At a depth of 10-12 meters, and water saturated with hydrogen sulfide produces a strong characteristic smell.


About two-thirds of the water column of the lake is almost devoid of oxygen.


In this case, the deficit impossible explain the oxidation of organic matter in the lake since it so many just do not. Abundance and biomass of plankton — the main source of organic matter in sediments is low, and the thickness of the silt is negligible.


Experts have suggested that the oxygen consumed by purely chemical oxidation of some solutions to Lakes of the rocks composing the bottom of the lake basin. Moreover, this process has become intense recently, about 3-5 years ago. Perhaps, at the bottom of the lake formed fissures through which the water began to come in a lot of substance, and the oxidation which consumes much of the oxygen.


In support of the hypothesis experimenters had shot echo-bottom in the western part of the Greater Miassovo, where the meridional fault along which there is no time and there was a lake. At a water depth of 24-25 meters were discovered echograms breaks, which can be explained by the presence in these places is very narrow — 5-15 inches, and very deep cracks, floor beam sonar which could not be achieved.


According to the candidate of biological sciences Alexander Rogozin, this fact confirms the recent tectonic processes Ilmen mountains.




An interesting picture emerges. And if we add the earthquake, "the military to blame."


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