South-west of Australia on fire


January 11 — RIA Novosti. Forest fires are raging on an area of 2000 hectares in the south-west of Australia, a fire destroyed at least four buildings, according to the Associated Press on Tuesday, referring to the fire service of the state.

Information about the victims and the victims have not yet been reported.

A forest fire near Lake Clifton about 100 km from the administrative center of Western Australia in Perth, where he established a dry and hot weather, began on Monday, the agency reports. Now the elements are fighting about 150 firefighters.

The fire was contained, but strong gusty winds may contribute to the spread of fire.

In the north-east Queensland, Australia covered the strongest in 50 years floods. In the flood zone area was in excess of the size of the area of Germany and France combined. Flooding has affected more than 20 cities in the state. Earlier Tuesday, it was reported that the victims of disaster are at least eight people and 72 missing.

According to Reuters, the rivers, over the banks due to heavy rains can flood the administrative center of Queensland Brisbane — the third largest city in the country with a population of about 2 million people. On Tuesday, Mayor Campbell Newman (Campbell Newman) has warned citizens that by Thursday flooding reaches Brisbane. It is expected that the water will flood thousands of homes around 6.5, according to Newman.

Tropical Storm Tasha, which caused devastating floods hit the north-east of the mainland of Australia at the end of December. More than 12,000 homes and other buildings were flooded or damaged, and the extent of economic losses of billions of dollars. In Queensland, 75% of the closed coal mines, which led to a spike in world prices for coal, as the share of Australia in its production is 3%.

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