Southern Urals again shakin ‘


Chelyabinsk, January 28 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — Residents and Sosnowski Chebarkulsky areas continued to complain of tremors from the explosions, produced at a military training ground.

As the "New Region" in the administration area Sosnowski, explosions and tremors resumed on the western edge of the district on January 26.

"In 1130 the seismic activity in the village felt Pipe in 15.19 — in the village Kaigorodova and 15.29 in the village Tominsky. At 17.50 again shaking Kaigorodova "- say at City Hall.

In addition, according to the administration, Alishevskom rural village continues constant underground tremors. In the house of the village culture Pipe adopted overhauled September 3, 2010, once again collapsed ceiling tiles.

In Siryusinskoy high school before the New Year there was a crack in the wall of the second floor. At City Hall believe that you need to call experts to install "beacons" in the crack. Residents of the settlement believe that everything that happens — the result of explosions at the site, to which the village — a stone's throw away.

Experiencing similar feelings and residents Chebarkulsky district. According to the Department of Defense and Emergencies Chebarkul, in January, the administration continues to receive complaints about the fluctuations of houses from local residents. People say that the furniture in the homes of "shaking goes," on the walls of the cracks. For example, visitors to the city forum claimed that on 17 January the city appeared a cloud of gunpowder.

"The fact that tremors from the explosion was less sure, but they are felt. And the city could. Very scary, "- writes chebarkultsy. Civil Defense and Emergency Management sends this information to the CSF of the regional government and the State Ministry for Emergencies.

As participants of the "earthquake-Chelyabinsk" in one of the social media periodically continues to "shake" the house on the north-west of Chelyabinsk. Such complaints are rare — on average 1-2 in 2 weeks.

New Region

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