Spain is waiting for eruption

In the Spanish Lorca May 11, there were two strongest earthquake in 50 years. Geophysicist, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Alexander Gorodnitsky told "Trud", why tectonic activity increased.

— DOES THE tremors in Lorca the March tectonic shift in the Pacific?

— No. Earthquake in Japan, even the power of 9 points could hardly lead to crowding-ku in Spain.

— What was the reason?

— Events in Lorca linked to the small collision Iberian and African tectonic plates (On the Iberian plate is Spain. — "Work"). Deal
that at the Strait of Gibraltar and to the Azores (Portugal) is the so-called Azores-Gibraltar tectonic zone — a huge crack that separates the Iberian microplate from the north and the African south. Azores Islands — a triple-junction point — Iberian and African plates and the Gibraltar fracture. The whole area is rich in the said regular tectonic events — is unhealed navel Earth. Itself is part of the Mediterranean Sea paleo Tethys. Between Africa and Europe in the Mesozoic (the era of tectonic, climatic and evolutionary activity) there was a huge paleo. He disappeared when moved the African and European continents, which resulted later in the Alps.

— Should I wait for the Spaniards another earthquake in the near future?

— It is possible that the shocks that took place May 11 in Lorca, is only foreshock (Earthquake, which occurs to a strong aftershocks).
Also there is a possibility of a volcanic eruption, which is a consequence of the tectonic shifts. In the tenth millennium BC. e. on the island of Thira in the Aegean volcano exploded Santarina, which is related to the destruction of Atlantis. But the explosion was probably the result of the earthquake. And in 1735, a strong earthquake in five minutes was completely destroyed the city of Lisbon. This is one of the most powerful earthquakes in recorded history, which again proves highly unstable Iberian plate.

— So, the Spaniards time to prepare for a volcanic eruption?

— I hope not. Earthquakes were not very strong. But experts who are working on this issue will determine everything just for a day.

— On May 11 — coincidentally — seismologist Rafael Bendandi predicted that Rome would be destroyed in the earthquake. On this occasion, 20% of the inhabitants of Rome chose to leave the city. Could Bendandi miss, predicting the death of Rome, not Lorca?

— This is a very interesting prediction, and it is worth studying the scientific community. He could make a mistake in geography, but I was right in time, which is extremely important.

— At what stage of tectonic activity today is the Earth?

— After the earthquake in 2007 near the Indonesian island of Sumatra, there is increased activity of tectonic plates. Earthquakes have become more frequent.


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