Spanish province of Valencia has covered a cloud of smoke and ash

In Spain, the raging wildfires. 40-degree heat and wind, as well as the driest winter in 70 years, made the situation worse.

The Province Valencia claimed that the current fires — the most powerful in the past few years. Fire has destroyed thousands of hectares of forest. About a thousand people were evacuated. Stopped traffic on the highway 9.

According to local authorities, the most likely cause of the fire in the province — the neglect of safety rules for the installation of solar panels on one of the houses. In this regard, arrested and detained two people. In extinguishing the fire take more than 1,300 firefighters, more than 30 aircraft and helicopters.
Forests are burning in Barcelona, but there the situation was brought under control.

Smog from forest fires blanketed much of the Spanish province of Valencia. Fire reserves the tens of thousands of hectares of land with charred trees. Almost two thousand firefighters in five dozen helicopters and planes are fighting the flames, but despite the best efforts of rescuers, it continues to spread. Local residents, armed with buckets of water, trying to help the professionals, they can.
Capital city of Valencia was almost completely covered with a huge cloud of ash. Residents complain of breathing problems.

All the efforts of the rescuers are now aimed at, to prevent a fire in the village, especially in such large as the regional capital city of Valencia — just 30 kilometers away is one of the largest fires.Source:

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