Specialists in Primorye are trying to wean tiger hunting dogs

Game wardens Primorye scare shots in the air tiger that killed a few dogs around the village under the Ussuri, told RIA Novosti on Friday, a representative of the regional department for the protection, control and regulate the use of animals.

"As far as we know, this is an adult tiger killed a four dogs. Much of the blame and the people: the dogs run without a leash around the village, and the predator decided to try it. Later, tasting it, he came to the village and Yakonovka" took "loose dog" — a spokesman said.

According to him, to scare off predators from the village went to the place of the head of "the conflict of the" Department of Wildlife Management Agency, which specializes in working with "problem" red predators.

"Experts conflict of three days in shots in the air near the village Yakonovka to scare the tiger. Expected frightened shots, he will leave deep into the forest, and will once again continue to hunt wild animals. If this does not help, and Tiger will return, will again take measures ", — said the source.

He said that the decision of RPN, if returned to the village predator, professionals can take other measures to scaring. In addition, the tiger can be caught and sent to another region of Primorye, located far from population centers.

"This is a healthy adult tiger, he is able to hunt on their own, so we look forward to a successful outcome of the last operation. Now the situation is under control, the site is, our specialists," — he added.

Siberian tiger lives in the Russian Far East — the Khabarovsk and Primorsky regions. In the middle of XIX century the Russian population was more than a thousand individuals. Predation and destruction of its habitat has led to the fact that for a hundred years, the number of individuals was reduced to 50, and the Siberian tiger found in the 40-ies of XX century on the brink of extinction. After the measures the population size was increased. Recent surveys show that the predator population has stabilized at around 450 individuals.

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