Specific areas of China on the verge of flooding

From the middle of the week in central China's Hunan Province, did not stop the heavy rains and thunderstorms. Brunt County Fenhuan and Chancy, where the last day fell to 200 mm. As a result, affected about 1.7 million people living in Hunan. Evacuation has been subject to more than 30,000 residents.

Local river overflows its banks.

Heavy rains in the central provinces of China.

Damaged during a storm the house. Chauncey, Hunan Province. May 9, 2012.
Experts have expressed concerns about the continuous rise of water in the river Yantszyyang. On the one hand, it means the end of the drought downstream, on the other hand can cause severe flooding in that part of the river, where he continues to rain. At the moment, reports on the extensive damage to grain crops: in Xiangxi damage was 35 333 hectares of forest, the economic losses amounted to about 82.5 million U.S. dollars. In Huiua damaged 47,666 hectares, the damage is estimated at 33.3 million dollars.

Ludi resident tries to cope with over a flooded road. Hunan Province. May 9, 2012.
For a province Gudzhou stormy invasion ended with the death of one resident and the relocation of almost 1700 residents. All under the disaster were ten districts. Reported the destruction of more than a thousand houses and the disastrous state of yielding 601 hectares of land. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, heavy rains did not stop in the center and north of the region for at least another day, so the code remains dangerous "blue" because of the high likelihood of landslides and flooding. Authorities are making all sorts of preventive safety measures.

Flooded Ludi. Hunan. May 9, 2012.

Prevailing weather conditions have complicated the state transportation in China. In Hunan canceled more than 30 passenger trains. Where possible, the trains continue to operate, but at a much slower rate. Difficult situation on the roads of the country.


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