Spectral seismic map Nabro volcanic eruption in Eritrea

This color depth chart earthquake Nabro volcano gives us an interesting range of the eruption. There were not a lot of up-welling of magma on the volcano to explosive eruption. There seems to already be a pool of magma under the caldera as seen from the shallow depths of the earthquake began to apply before and during the eruption. This is a fairly large and organized volcanic caldera complex.       Status: Satellite images of Nabro volcano in Eritrea shows that the eruption continues, despite the confirmation Friday from Toulouse-based Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAS), that the activity of the volcano has ceased. NASA Aqua satellite flew overhead on Saturday at 12:00 (local time) and the moderate resolution imaging (Spectroradiometer MODIS) instrument specific ash continued to spew from the stratovolcano. Factoring in a calm situation in the region in the second half of the day, the image suggests that the eruption spewing ash / SO2 emissions in the west. The images below clearly shows the concentration of ash moved south over the border in Ethiopia and parts of Djibouti. —Irish Weather Online

contribution Luisport

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