Spilled over the south of Brazil Rain Sea

In Brazil, in the current climate of "tradition", from October to December and March to June last season rains. And to him, in general, is a population already accustomed and ready. However, because of the current anomalies in the region of La Niña storm season, which began in November last year, has not ended and continues to this day, causing catastrophic consequences.La Nina — a natural phenomenon, characterized by a decrease in the average temperature of the ocean off the coast of Ecuador and Peru. Under him, the ocean waters near the coast of South America are colder by more than 0.5 degrees Celsius, which leads to disruption of the thermal balance in atmosphere. And as a consequence of violating the formation and changes of pressure formations. Currently, the South of Brazil again suffers from heavy rains and landslides. In some cities (eg Igrezhinya and Novo Amburg) destroyed many homes are broken power lines. People are not only killed in the rubble of buildings, but also from electric shocks among the dead there are children. In the state of Rio Grande do Sul declared a state of emergency. According to official figures, the bill went to disaster victims already in the tens.Suffered heavy doges and Rio de Janeiro. Just over two days in the city had the entire monthly rainfall, making cheerful Brazilian metropolis in a sea of mud and water. Were sunk many residential neighborhoods, and the only possible way to travel in this weather — a ford or by swimming. Particularly affected by the "big water" drivers, and many had to get out of their cars to rescuers, because they themselves could not do it. What can we say about public transport — he just got up and is not able to function. Government constantly repeats the danger, because of the already difficult situation could exacerbate the threat of landslides.On disappointing forecasts Brazilian meteorologists soon in the southern parts of the country can only be expected of new showers and even Castle. Precipitation will be accompanied by strong gusts wind. Remains high and the threat of new landslides gatherings.Suffers from incessant rains and the nearby Columbia. It was because of the rains flooded more than half of the country. More than 200,000 people were left homeless.
Source: meteonovosti.ru.

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