St. Petersburg auto plants doubled output

St. Petersburg auto plants increased in the first quarter of 2012, production of cars more than doubled, to 91 million with this four models assembled in St. Petersburg, joined the list of best-selling, according to the Association of European Businesses (AEB). According to experts, the main engine of growth is the models assembled at the factory Hyundai.

According to the Committee for Investments and Strategic Projects of St. Petersburg, in January-March 2012 at the St. Petersburg auto plants were produced 91,1 thousand cars. This is two and a half times more than in the same period of 2011, when the St. Petersburg produced 39.1 million vehicles.

The largest contribution to the treasury of St. Petersburg auto industry has made the Korean automaker Hyundai. In January-February, there were 16.4 million vehicles sold brand Solaris, manufactured in St. Petersburg, which is 384% higher than a year earlier. Such data are the Association of European Businesses. This car won the third place in the list of best-selling cars. On the fifth line of the list a new version of Kia Rio with a score of 11 thousand units sold (+107% to the result in 2011.) At the 12th place in the list located Opel Astra, produced at the St. Petersburg plant GM, with the result of 7.6 million vehicles sold (+48%). 16th line took Chevrolet Cruze — 5,8 thousand units sold (+118%).

Manufacturers in early 2012 announced plans to increase production. So, Hyundai plans to reach full capacity and produce for a year about 200 thousand cars. General Motors in 2012, plans to increase production of cars at its plant in St. Petersburg on 40%, up to 85-86 thousand. In 2014, the company will begin construction of the second stage of the enterprise, which will bring the production to 230 thousand cars a year. While the plant will continue to produce Chevrolet Cruze and Opel Astra, but do not exclude the occurrence of other models.

"The increase in production was due to the fact that the three urban plant — Hyundai, GM and Nissan (except Toyota) passed in mid-2011 to work three shift, so the 2011 figures qoq steadily increased, "- said General Director of« Auto-Dealer-SPb "Mikhail Chaplygin. According to him, the leader in terms of production is Hyundai, which produces more than half of all cars in the city. "This growth enterprises are possible because both produced at the plant model — Rio and Solaris — are among the five most popular in the country," — said the expert.

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