St. Petersburg scientists have created a fabric with a three-dimensional image

A group of scientists Petersburg State Electrotechnical University has patented developed the world's first tissue with three-dimensional image, said Tuesday the press service of the university.

Development team headed by Associate Professor Nicholas Safyannikov, having the title of Honored Inventor of Russia. He has long been experimenting with the production of fabrics, pattern on which could show a three-dimensional image, and solved the problem by special diagonal weave.

"Plus, on the surface of the fabric are embossed stripes of different widths and different directions that special way periodically interrupted. All this, as well as features of the human eye, and leads to the fact that such a figure is perceived visually, as the volume, "- said in a press release.


The Company now in the process of university technology park unveiled a tissue, while production costs are relatively low, stress in the press service reports "Interfax".

Scientists believe that the invention will open up new prospects for light industry and the fashion industry. "Imagine how effectively can look like T-shirts, shirts or ties with bulky designs! Thus, depending on the angle from which we look at an object or design, it may become three-dimensional, or two-dimensional again. Or part of the pattern will change. If the person moves, these properties of the fabric will be particularly spectacular. Ability to change the volume of the tissue, even without drawing too should be of interest of designers, because of the cross-linked material such fashionable clothes can visually change its volume, "- are reported Safyannikova inventor.

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