St. Petersburg scientists have developed a platform for putting telescopes ISS


Employees of Special Design Bureau of the Institute for armored vehicles of "VNIITransmash" will give this year's RSC "Energia" developed for the International Space Station (ISS) flight hardware platform for aiming the target hardware, the chief designer of space issues, the head of the Institute of SKB Sergey Fedoseyev.

"It's made universal in order to carry out a variety of experiments — it is possible to put the camera to capture high-resolution surface telescopes to study the moon. Indeed, the very ISS to deploy successful angles almost impossible for such cases and will be used turntable" — he said. This year, the Institute will carry flight model of the biaxial platform aiming at Science City in Queens Test Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia".

Industry Research Institute and the diesel tank Institute-100 (in 1993, the institute was transformed into JSC "VNIITransmash") was established in 1949.

Since its foundation, the Institute participated in the creation of more than 150 armored vehicles and their modifications and vehicles based on them, of which more than 100 samples have been taken on board. Also, its specialists have developed the chassis for the world's first lunar rover and created 25 samples of self-propelled automated planetary rovers, tools for the study of physical and chemical properties of the soil of the planets and their satellites, stabilized platforms, precision-guided outdoor equipment for space research facilities.

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