State hazing

As is clear, though what kind of society is doomed to conflict, with the higher the imbalance between the sex ratio, the conflicts Jabneh. Many have heard about does not stop squabbles in a purely women's team, and, of course, everyone knows about the problems just an isolated group of men, such as the army.

About pripiranii young inexperienced men's Mother "grandfathers" written, rewritten. Who terribly outraged by this discrepancy, who treat her more loyal, believing that only brings up a similar real man's spirit. Yet, there is no bullying is so break out in some parts of the army. Because her a little time to get used to and even worked out a set of actions and rules for case such a state of emergency. But what to do with another phenomenon in our army — "Caucasian brotherhood", still can not decide.

The peoples of the Caucasus from open spaces, always differed quite cool character, tough-minded and a special feeling of similar bonds rallied together at one time. And then stand united front against all oppress, in their opinion, the proud Caucasian people. And if not what a lot of spirit, and of his grandfather, is able to ignore a direct order of command, the members of the "brotherhood of the Caucasus" above the law.

Not so long ago there was a case calling, to put it mildly. The commander of a military unit had to apply to the management of the Muslim clergy to suspend presumptuous charges. Sounds at first glance, of course, preposterous. Army, itself for itself the structure unstable and hold only by iron clamps discipline, and not all at one point derided illogical, here are the real base. Scary even to think what would happen if each considers itself entitled to shatter a century way of life, based on correcting numerous errors and miscalculations. Weight marauding fellow citizens with guns blazing, sadly, can not be the bad consequences in this case. That's why such tremendous value attached to the army discipline and blind obedience to the orders of the high command, and before each officer is the overriding task is to inspire all new recruits. But even the most experienced and highly competent commanders are baffled by the society of persons "Caucasian" nationality.

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Part of the point is that the properties that helped people survive in the menacing criteria of the North Caucasus, are not very successful for the perfect employee. Fervor, strength and, most importantly, emergency, not typical Slavic solidarity. Each Dagestani or Kabardian, who arrived in part, increases the resistance of the "Caucasian brotherhood" in a geometric progression, and put everything in its place is hard enough. But nowadays the situation is exacerbated by a similar groundless bows in the direction of tolerance. The main difference between the Caucasian peoples — their faith, to become a major asset for redoing the order "for themselves."

Many officers discouraged quite a fighter mention of the incompatibility of the purchased order and religious norms. Agree, just an impossible situation for which the army. One may talk about the importance of religion in the lives of each of us, but agree that if religious affiliation is likely only a means of manipulation, read of this belief is unrealistic.

In general, even a real religion can not be a hindrance to protect their own homeland. The Jews, for example, are on the Protection of all days of the week, despite a categorical ban to work on Saturdays. And all because the army undisputed primacy should be given to only one religion — the statute. And it's true, because army this is my body, which has not much to do with life in the civilian world. We think the high clergy of Muslims is all the same to recognize this truth and bring it to their own odnovertsev. On the other, we are expected to dreary consequences in terms absolutely putrid army and the lack of much-or high-quality protection of our borders.

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