State issue. Russias syndrome

In the near future, we often hear about tolerance. The authorities constantly urge us to be tolerant of neighbors in the district. But the summit did not even try to understand why many have "terpelka" broke. We are talking about an epidemic of deference between civilizations, not really specifying — who is who and what should be respected? Now the inevitable friendship between the peoples of the Caucasus remains only on paper, because the bureaucrats have not learned to distinguish between the national pride of nationalism. Information on how to pass this border, we had a talk with the former military pilot Igor Manaenko. He is now engaged in military-patriotic education of youth.

At the recreation center "Bear's Corner" under Novoterskaya we came on the case "about the sold armored vehicles." Recall that in 2009 chiefs tank school in Minvody sold some Chukchi three rangers tracked armored personnel carriers. This was in June, reported to the press service of the regional police department. According to law enforcement, cars surpassed its own power to the railroad, and later taken to the city Noyabr'sk Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. But days are vigilant readers have told us that one of the armored vehicles remained in Mineralovodsky District and is currently "resting" in the courtyard of the owner of the "Polar Bear corner." BTR there and the truth is. But by the look, he obviously does not pass on the "Chukchi case." Armored car without tracks, neatly painted with rollers, it seems stood here since the time of the Battle of Kulikovo.

— I bought it as scrap in 2006 — says Igor Manaenko. — At the time I was all nerves vytrepali law enforcers to check the legality of the transaction. The FSB even says that it is made of a hidden armor (though the machine is 50 years old tired Event — Ed.). All the necessary papers have been issued by the then director of the tank school. This BTR in their quiet zarzhaveval idle. I brought him here, to tint. Now tourists are photographed near. Plus, it helps me in training young people.

— How long since you are in the military-patriotic education of children and adolescents?

— Almost fifteen years. Two years back I went to the all-Russian company "Academy of self-discovery" in the city of Ivanovo. They are engaged in ethnography, collect an old rituals and lost knowledge Protz. In general, bring Russian youth. Here we discover the local branch of the organization.

— How will it be called?

— "Center of the Russian folk culture and applied psychology behalf Yermolov." All operational issues to create it at the moment we are discussing with the rector of the "Academy of self-knowledge," Alexander Shevtsov. We have a CMS already have teachers prepared in the Academy itself. In other words, at this point in the process of formation of the organization in Minvody.

— Tell the main objectives of the Centre.

— This preservation of Russian culture, the preservation of the traditions of the Cossacks, the improvement of body and soul, the development of conviction until the next day. In other words, our task — to wake the sleeping, watching a telly, a computer or a glass of Russian people. We have a very difficult area. It was and remains an outpost of the Russian Federation in the Caucasus. Our forefathers, the Cossacks, once protected the land. Because we wake up that part of the mind that is responsible for his small homeland. We are now in the Caucasus litsezreem confrontation of cultures. It did not politics. It made the time. So it was that one religion was stronger than the other. The rituals and customs of our neighbors have been stronger. And we have there is their rituals and customs, our girls were not allowed to hang out at night, our peasants were not allowed to admit this, and so on. At the moment they are lost, and our task to return them.

— What does the term "applied psychology" in the title of the Centre?

— This is a very broad science. With it, man knows himself and opens the way to his own soul. In our case — the path to the Russian soul. This strengthening of the Russian spirit, which was not able to break any army. Because of this spirit perfectly know our neighbors. She knows that. Apart from ourselves.

— Where to use their knowledge of the graduates of the "Academy of self-knowledge?"

— A graduate of the Academy of Applied Psychology is. It may just solve every puzzle, ranging from debugging enterprise solutions to family problems. In other words, the main aim of the Academy of the Russian people to the owner. The owner of his own family, business, own land. Teach him, at first, to be the owner himself. We've never taught this.

— On what system will go the physical development of pupils at your Center?

— Earlier in were excellent workshops on national style of combat. In our area it was called "Cossack saved" in the middle lane — "Liubka" and "Rukopash." At the moment it simply referred to as "Russian style". This is a popular way to an old warriors Kadochnikova. On it, and we will prepare their own students. The highest level of training — it's non-contact fight, getting the "battle roll forward." Now we come to the master who teaches the system. Apart from his two CMS prepared spices. After training our teams will travel to Ivanovo to pass the exam and receive a diploma. In addition to martial arts in our program there will be skydiving and shooting exercises. On this there is an agreement with the Aero Club in Yessentuki and military unit under the mineral water.

— Are the Diploma of the Academy under the Russian system of education?

— Yes, he is recognized at the municipal level. The Academy is registered and has its proper license.

— When will earn a branch in Minvody?

— I think, to the subsequent summer. During the year, we will solve the problems with licensing and training organization, has also established contacts with the educational system in Caucasian Mineral Waters.

— You always talk about the need to wake people up. In the old days our people so awakened when he was on the brink of destruction …

— Specifically it with us at the moment and going. I will not go into details, but I will say that now there was a change of values, replacing notions of when a cat runs away from the mouse, the wolf from the hare, when weak runs strong. Under these criteria, we have to preserve our culture, our borders and preserve themselves as living Russian people.

— For such statements could be accused of xenophobia …

— You do not doubt that I have long been accused of this. With the 96-year as not known: and a separatist and a Nazi and fascist. Attributed to whatever you want … From time to time people ask me why you do not like other people? I say briefly: I love all people. Although some man, who came to this earth deserves a decent case. But people own nationality I love most. And that's fine. We can ask the Armenians, whom he loves — Russian or Armenian? We can ask the Chechen people he loves — Russian or Chechen? Their answer will be obvious. And that's fine. Patriotism and love of one's own civilization so far no one has been canceled. So the world — dogs love more dogs, cats, cats and so on. For now, I wish that our people remembered that he was on his own nature — the favorite, remembered that the main task of the Russian soul — go ahead and up, to go to God …

Naturally many people reading this article will take the words of Igor Manaenko as tedious notation or another sermon. Discard the paper and re-immerse themselves
in their tasks or … into glasses. And then people can understand (Yes, what a damn soul! There cases of throat!). Although such an attitude to discover we remind ant that swarm on the ears in business, not noticing that it is flying brick. So until we arrived, maybe think about why we lost themselves, as a civilization? You look what happens: at least some Chechens in Moscow and proudly calls himself a Chechen. As they understand themselves as people. Their works ancestral memory. They know what to live, know its purpose. His forefathers bequeathed to them. Now every civilization has its own "brand". We often hear: "Chechen wolf", "Uzbek cotton grower", "Tajik builder." But if the Russian, then surely drunk or fascist. No middle ground.

Why is that? Yes, because instead of ancestral memory, we state amnesia. We just do not remember why we live. And if such a civilization finds no memory, it is doomed. She does not need anyone, not even to themselves. Having become worthless, a large portion of people becomes an inveterate drunkard. And those who are trying to return us to self-consciousness, do so very often clumsy. They just do not know exactly what to return.

In the end, "I am a Chechen," "I Avar," "I Circassian" — is a national pride, but "I'm Russian!" — Is extremism. It is best not to be called Russian aloud, so as not to offend other people, and not to hurt their national pride. With all of this it is better to drown her. For the sake of world peace.

But no peace will not be until we Ridicule itself. After all, the logic of other people here are very ordinariness: "If they drown themselves, means we can be even more so." These civilizations know — people are not mindful of himself, has no right to exist. Once upon a time in Russia knew it. At the moment, forgotten. So is not it time to recall? For the sake of peace in the world …

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