Steam turbine production UTZ commissioned in Kazakhstan

JSC "Ural Turbine Works" helped Kazakhstan to increase the capacity of the Pavlodar CHP-3 for another 65 MW. On Pavlodar CHP-3 (JSC "Pavlodarenergo") successful startup steam turbine PT-65/75-130/13. JSC "Ural Turbine Plant" and JSC "CAEPCO" (Kazakhstan) signed the acts of acceptance.


Under the terms of the agreement to Pavlodar CHP-3 were carried out performance tests and turbines, according to their results, in March 2013 signed the act "On the success of the guarantee tests of the equipment warranty and achieve results." All warranty performance turbines are sustained, comply with the terms of the contract and the specifications for the turbine.

PT-65/75-130/13 new turbine was installed to replace the spent turbine earlier Skoda PT-60-130, which allowed not only to increase the capacity of the Pavlodar CHP-3 from 440 to 505 MW, but also to improve its technical and economic indicators. PT-65/75 intended for modernization of CHP and for newly built plants.

Recall that according to the Memorandum of Cooperation between JSC "Ural Turbine Plant" and JSC "CAEPCO" (Kazakhstan) to Pavlodar CHP-3 in the first half of 2014 will be staged similar steam turbine PT-65/75.

The total installed capacity of JSC "PAVLODARENERGO" (owned by JSC "CAEPCO") is 627 MW. The power generated at JSC "PAVLODARENERGO" comes to markets: Karaganda, Akmola, East Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions.

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