Stereotypical perceptions of reality

After seeing this movie,

decided to create a theme — and the power of a person to change the ways of perception of physical reality?

How serious is this hypothesis — which states that the properties of the world are not set by default, but depend on the perception of the reality of a sentient being (man).

This video excerpts from the movie "The Matrix" (The matrix), video, how to use the mental impact on the reality of a pencil pierced wooden table, etc.

About the piercing pencil table — can the truth, but you can not be 100% sure.

This I mean that you can not blindly and fanatically believe in or what kind of things.

Suschestvovonie can prevent certain things, but unconditionally believe in them — no! otherwise one becomes a vegetable.

About the properties of matter — that can walk on water or walk through walls — all a matter of thinking in stereotypes. If you believe this hypothesis, it is possible to design an experiment to change the perception of objective reality. Raise a child, say in complete isolation (of the world), and to inspire him that the water is hard, and the walls are soft. Correspondingly, never show him how people swim and run across the wall. That is, in the test there shall be no experience with liquids and solid objects. It is very difficult (if not impossible in principle).

Then, say 8-10 years, it is possible to bring to the pond (pool) — and ask to go on the water. Or go through the wall.

Thus, we can test this hypothesis properties change under the influence of material to another human perception angle.

It is possible that the well-known saints of different eras have more expanded consciousness that allows you to change the properties of the physical reality.

Perhaps the secret services have carried out similar experiments, and they know a lot more than we do?

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