Strong tremors caused a panic among the inhabitants of the center of Ulan-Ude

However, the element is found innocent. Shake the soil reaches five points, called construction work on road junctions Kuibyshev Street-Baltakhinova. Deaf rhythmic beats and tremors being felt even now. In homes dangerously swinging chandeliers and rattles dishes. Outraged residents of neighboring houses and the management of the museum named Sampilova almost immediately raised the alarm, fearing for the integrity of their buildings.


Natalia Ilyin, a resident of Kuibyshev Street: "The house is old, built before the war, we're just afraid of what will happen to our housing? Exhibition Hall is also not happy there, too, they say, the ceiling fell down. Concerns have very serious. "


Today builders, "Mostootryad-34", tried to use another method hammering piles. Now the land undulates "only" 3 points.


Tatiana Matveeva, acting director of MU "Ulan Udestroyzakazchik": "Today we have tried to soften the blows, used the technique of hydraulic fill with water that is all. We see that now strikes more muted, the vibration is not as big as yesterday was. "


However, the floor and walls noticeably shaking. That is why the work temporarily stopped, builders urgently needed equipment that will not clog the pile, and to drill the space. While she is on another building project "Mostootryad-34." Machine will arrive in Ulan-Ude, after February 15. But they do not guarantee residents of neighboring houses of rest.


Vladimir Trofanchuk, General Director of "Bridge Construction-34": "The noise will be as work hits, knock. Some vibration. And if the new setting will then be evenly and steadily vibration transmitted as an earthquake. Silently still will not. Residents, in principle, two hours a day and be patient. "


Builders need to punch 36 holes, that is, 36 days for two hours a day, residents will have to endure the noise and shaking. The place where construction work began, went mayor of Ulan-Ude Gennady Aidan. He instructed the builders to find a technique that will not cause discomfort residents of nearby houses. Recall the construction of interchanges will start from Victory Avenue. From there go two flyovers. One side of the street directly in Kuibyshev, the other — to the side of the bridge over the street Uda Baltakhinova. Construction will cost 565 million rubles.


Author: Sophia Evdokimov, Valentine Sanger



Source: TV COM

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