Strong wind in the United States has done quite a few troubles

Hurricane, in some places reaching 100 miles per hour, roared in Utah on Thursday. Wind attained such power that overturned trailer truck, threw the trees. Drivers are practically not affected (minor injuries). Drivers are still advised to avoid this area if possible.

MOSCOW, December 2 — RIA Novosti. Strong winds are de-energized in several localities of California at least 276,000 homes and apartments, detained dozens of local flights and transfers on Friday broadcaster CBS.

Wind speed reaches 128 to 156 kilometers per hour, knocked down hundreds of trees and power lines damaged wires in the way of its motion on Thursday from the south to the north of the state.

Despite the hurricane force winds, meteorologists are not called cyclone storm, namely, "Santa Ana Winds", which are formed in California and Baja California (Mexico), from late fall and winter. Winds occur during hot and dry weather, and often contribute to the rapid spread of forest fires.

"They (the wind) is driven area cold cyclone and low pressure center is formed in California," — said meteorologist Andrew Roarke.

According to preliminary data from rampant disaster no one was hurt, but the emergency service of Pasadena had to evacuate dozens of people from the apartment building, which crashed through the roof of a fallen tree.

Only in Pasadena and in Beverly Hills wind knocked about 100 trees, one of which fell to the gas station to gas station, which was closed for safety reasons.

Because of damage to the wires of power lines with no light left over 250,000 customers in Southern California and another 26 million in settlements around the city of Santa Cruz, located on the north shore of Monterey Bay.

The weather conditions have delayed and re-routing 23 flights at the international airport in Los Angeles. In some terminals of the airport at the time was off interior lighting.

Warning of high winds in some districts announced Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune,

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