Strongest typhoon approached Japan

Japan Meteorological Agency warned of the approach of a powerful typhoon to located in the southern islands of Okinawa Daito, said on Sunday television channel NHK.

As of Sunday 23.00 local time (18.00 MSK), the epicenter of the typhoon, known as Ma-on, was located 250 kilometers east of the Daito Islands and was moving in a northwesterly direction at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour. It is expected that the typhoon will reach the coast of Japan Monday morning.

According to preliminary data, the wind speed at the center of the typhoon was 180 kilometers per hour (50 meters per second), and the radius of 300 kilometers.

In late May, the typhoon "Songdo" unleashed on the Japanese coast heavy rain and high waves, killing one person, two missing, RIA "Novosti".

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