Studotryad first went to the construction of the East spaceport in the Amur region

The first student group on Friday went to the construction of the spaceport in the East Amur region, young people have to build the railroad and engaged finished houses, told RIA Novosti director of MU the "City youth center" Select "Anastasia Dimov.

In total, the first studotryada at the cosmodrome "East" will run 70 students from different universities and colleges of the Amur Oblast — 20 girls and 50 boys aged 18 and older. On Friday, the Uglegorsk went the first troop of 22 people. They will prepare the base for the arrival on Sunday, the other members of the student group. "Young people will be until September 20 to help build infrastructure for the spaceport — the railroad and homes. We were able to negotiate with schools, they're a little late for school. Girls will be working plasterers, painters, carpenters guys employ as-cement workers, shpaloukladchikov" — said the interlocutor.

She noted that the wages of students will be from 15 thousand rubles. Live studotryadovtsy will be specially ordered for them evrovagonchikah for eight people. The youth will have its own dining room, provides laundry, shower and bath.

In addition, the youth center "Select" is set on the back of the case, if one of the guys will not sustain the work schedule or have any other reason to leave the work site.

Cosmodrome "East" to be built in the Amur region near the closed city Uglegorsk. The first launch is scheduled for launch here in 2015, the first manned launch — in 2018. Spaceport will be used to solve future problems of space activities with the use of Russian launch vehicles, heavy and super heavy classes.

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