Submarines dominance comes to an end

Submarines dominance comes to an end

Do divers have a saying that says that there are only two types of ships: submarines and targets. These words are close to the truth as submarines today are the most secretive and destructive combat unit of a large list of all weapons of war ever made public land. Yet, the Pentagon is ready to end the era of the rule of submarines in the ocean with the help of a robot hunter ACTUV. This high priority project military department has already allocated $ 58 million

Not so long ago the developer special freeboard bot company Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), has published a video presentation of the project ACTUV. The video shows a common mission promising unmanned trimaran ship.

For truly autonomous navigation ACTUV will develop a system of collision avoidance with other vessels. Radars, thermal and optical-electronic systems fail to see the bot even busiest traffic in busy ports, requiring small as operator.

The robot can autonomously hunter automatically find subs for 60-90 days. He is absolutely integrated into the control system of the U.S. Navy, namely to work with sonar buoys dropped from airplanes and helicopters, also inducing anti-submarine aircraft. Basic supplies will ACTUV sonar. In case of detection of enemy submarines, ACTUV close to it and give information about their own discovery on the near South American warship. Unmanned spacecraft can also follow the submarine before the time, until the submarine will not leave the patrol area or will not be destroyed. With all this bot not necessarily hiding: he can explore the ocean in the open, using more efficient emitting sonar mode. Obviously, the submarine can kill bot, but then she sees herself not fulfilled its basic combat puzzle. For submarines with strategic nuclear weapon is unacceptable.

While the main problem of the project is to assess the effectiveness ACTUV detectors in the detection of submarines. This is particularly true of relatively cheap diesel-electric submarines, which are becoming more common and are adopted by the navies of many countries. The fact is that, unlike nuclear submarines, diesel-electric is not needed massive circulating heat pumps, which make a lot of noise. At the same time, the anaerobic energy installation already allow «Diesel» be submerged within a month. Find a submarine, especially in a busy place like the Gulf problem.

Yet, experts at SAIC believe ACTUV will be able to detect any type of surface and underwater targets from nuclear submarines to jet skis. In any case, before the first exit ACTUV at sea will be held for at least another 10 years, but in the case of successful implementation of the project in principle, maritime strategy will have to rethink approaches to warfare at sea. This also applies to strategic nuclear deterrence forces, who initially supported by a guaranteed response from the board firmly sheltered body of water submarines.

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