Sun lashed the earth

On our luminary was a surprising The U.S. space agency (NASA) published pictures of the stunning events that occurred on the Sun August 31, 2012. His recorded Space Station Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), tracking now for our star. From the sun broke giant tow — the so-called plasma filament. She reached a record distance — about a million miles away. As if the whip went through the surrounding space at a speed of 1,500 kilometers per second.In plasma, to break out of the sun, could easily drown our EarthWhip lashed and Earth. But, fortunately, the blow fell on a tangent. We barely felt it. Magnetic storm, which broke out on September 3, when to break away from the plasma filament reached the planet, was moderate. Although it caused a beautiful northern lights even in the middle latitudes.

Solar flash lights caused SevrnyeBTWLast year, out of the sun left a huge ballAmateur astronomer Jan Timmermans of the Netherlands (Jan Timmermans) constantly monitors the events occurring on the sun — watching spots, coronal mass ejection, for prominences. Photographs and regularly puts their pictures on your website.At the beginning of May last year, Yang was shooting spot, located in the southwest of the luminary. A chance captures amazing prominence, which broke away from the surface of the sun and turned into a fireball.- It happened at dawn, May 2, — the astronomer portal Spaceweather. — I was very surprised.

Other times of the Sun and the balls vylletayutThe size of the ball — with our — the earth. Unfortunately, John did not specify its fate: whether the fireball fell back to the sun, as is usually the case with protuberances, or flew away like a plasmoid coronal ejection.Vladimir Lagowski


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