Sun prepares Earth Apocalypse?

Sun threatens earthlings most powerful in the past century and a half flash, which will suit the planet strongest magnetic storm. Exhausted appliances, satellites and radio — that's what can turn such a surge of solar energy. However, the happy one — to this conclusion by British scientists, and anecdote in their blood. And opponents say that the light will remain inactive and skeptics believe that building long-term forecasts of space weather at all is nothing.

Excessive solar activity more than once a negative impact on the life of our planet. Solar flares in droves incapacitates power in Canada and Sweden in 1989 and 2003. Only in Canada after a powerful magnetic storms that occurred in 1989 were left without electricity for about six million people.

In 2008-2009, our star "dormant." Scientists do not actually recorded solar flares, which are usually reaching the Earth, hit the magnetosphere, which leads to strong magnetic storms, and they, in turn, can cause failure of the power grids and satellites. According to the publication The New York Times, during a two-year leave of solar upper atmosphere of the Earth, which are usually heated by radiation from the sun, even cooled and compressed. Reduced solar activity is bound to affect the distribution of the signals GPS, as well as on the period of the collapse debris. In addition, the "lazy" the sun has meant that cosmic radiation in the solar system concentrated around the Earth, and therefore the increased levels of radiation.

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However, in early June, there was a strong magnetic storm with the most over the last five years of the plasma discharge. She had a negative impact on the work of satellites and cellular forced scientists who, in principle, can not predict the long-term solar activity and to say that the light enters a new phase of activity that threatens the world of strong magnetic storms.

Topic has become particularly active discussion in the press, after the British newspaper Daily Star wrote that the Earth for a period of 18 months threatens the strongest in the last hundred and fifty years the magnetic storm, which can damage computers, satellites and power grids. The newspaper said that the outbreak can prevent greater number of aircraft than the eruption of a volcano. In this connection, the British energy minister Chris Hung even developed an emergency response plan, and instructed a team of experts to develop an early warning system.

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"Recent research shows the possibility of serious developments which may adversely affect the different parts of the power supply at the same time", — quotes the edition of the minister's words. British experts have also expressed concern over the fact that the flash can completely disable the security system of the country.

In the British study, referred to the newspaper, it is a fact that the outbreak reached Earth almost as soon as they occur on the sun and prevent them in principle can not, then all the experts with an apocalyptic mood began to discuss the most powerful storm coming.

However, to a hasty prediction could be taken with a large grain of salt, as predicted by strong magnetic storms and solar flares for several months until science can not. This was announced yesterday in an interview with RIA Novosti Dr. Sergey Bogachev of Lebedev Physical Institute.

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Topic space weather lately concerned not only journalists and scientists, but also politicians. In particular, at the end of last month, U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced their intention to the U.S. and UK to jointly develop a global system of space weather. Its desire better forecast space activity recently told the UN.

However, the general excitement around the news of the magnetic storm is clear — mankind by nature likes to make long-term forecasts and to make plans for the future. And given that the storm should come to the "apocalyptic" 2012, it is not surprising that the idea was picked up so quickly. However, among the pessimists and skeptics, as it happens in science, there were also those who believe that the sun will continue to be inactive. Recently, the British newspaper Times referred to other research, according to which the Earth awaits called Little Ice Age.

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