Sun rammed comet

A huge "stone" rammed star.

This disaster can cause severe magnetic storms on Earth

On our planet in the next few days may collapse strong magnetic storms. The whole reason — the explosion of a comet to the Sun, reports Despite the fact that the collision occurred a week ago, on May 10, echoes could reach Earth as early as this week. It is very great "stone" rammed light, and, at breakneck speed. This was followed by a huge explosion, followed by a huge release of solar energy. The light is not a joke I got angry — and still is in an unstable state.

Luckily, the brunt of the "release" was not directed at Earth, otherwise I would have at the weekend — May 14 and 15 — we reached the "solar wind", and the planet would be covered powerful magnetic storm. But scientists warn that the sun and is now in an unstable state and therefore can occur at any time another flash. In addition, as reported at NASA, that this comet — part of a "family." So that the sun can ram other "stones."

In general, recently our star is not very lucky. Thus, in early May of the Sun left the ball the size of Earth (see "KP" for 10.05.2011 Spotted him and took pictures of amateur astronomer Jan Timmermans of the Netherlands. He managed to capture an amazing coincidence prominence, which broke away from the surface of the sun and turned into a fireball. It happened on May 2. Unfortunately, John did not specify its fate: whether the fireball fell back to the sun, as is usually the case with protuberances, or flew away like a plasmoid coronal ejection.


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