Superluna been so superior?

Australians were upset when the sky was overcast with clouds, from 5 to 6 May, as it did not allow them to enjoy superlunoy. Much they have lost?
Expected full moon was bigger and brighter than usual, because it coincides with the spacecraft perigee — the point at which the moon was as close to the Earth. However, many fans of the moon did not see a strong difference between the full moon and superlunoy. It was only 10-14% more than usual. In this long time astrologers and the media fueled the interest in Australian public forecasts brightest moon.


Photo: Superluna, hidden behind clouds over Melbourne evening of 5 May 2012.
Superluna elsewhere in the world:



    Superluna of the complex of buildings in Rio de Janeiro on 6 May 2012. Convergence of the moon to the Earth was the highest in 2012. Being at a distance of 356,955 kilometers from Earth, the apparent size superluny was 14% more than usual.




    Superluna on racing cars during the 22nd annual marathon Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial, which took place May 5, 2012 in Chico, California.



    A fisherman throws a fishing rod when superluna rises over the Atlantic Ocean May 5, 2012 near the Gulf of Bol, Florida.



    Moon is visible above the temple of Poseidon in Athens, May 5, 2012.



    Superluna over the bell tower of the Orthodox Church in Novogrudok, 150 kilometers from Minsk, May 5, 2012.



    The brightest moon of the year rose over statues of angels in the Cathedral of St. Isaac in St. Petersburg, May 5, 2012.



    Full moon over the temporary closure of the hotel "Pere Marquette" in Peoria, Illinois, was captured May 5, 2012.



    Superluna visible on the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.



    May 5, 2012 the moon rose over the mountain Kultus, Washington.



    The May superluna risen over Coit Tower in San Fantsisko May 5, 2012.



    The full moon fans sprint races Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial watching the events taking place.



    A full moon is visible above the Statue of Liberty replica at the top of the hotel in the capital of Kosovo, Pristina.


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