Swaddling a baby

Swaddling the baby.

Newborns are not able to coordinate the movement abruptly pulled the arms and legs. These specific movement called "vskidyvaniyami." The child is often put off their arms and legs, and calms down, if his body pressed against the adult, or at least hold his hands or feet with his hand.

The successful development of tactile child, it is necessary to keep the hands and feet of the baby constantly ran across the different surfaces that are close to his body while he has not had time to "throw up" and scared. Incentives for the development of the child's sense of touch is absolutely everything that he can touch: diaper, clothing, body of an adult man's own body, etc. The more varied stimuli and the more often they affect the baby, the more rapid the development of his sense of touch.

Free swaddling

If the newborn is forced some time to be without a mother, especially during sleep, the best way to protect it from "vskidyvany" is a regular diaper. As soon as the baby's diaper, giving it a fetal position, he immediately calms down. Free swaddling allows the child to move your arms and legs. The less clothing under the diaper, the better developed sense of touch.

Free diapered baby can pull the handle to the person to find his mouth, finger sucking or cam chat kicks, etc. Gradually baby gets used to his hands and coordinate their movements more confident. This comes to about10-30 day, and from that time cease to wake the kids themselves sharp movements. However, some children "vskidyvaniya" can persist longer — in this case, they require a longer swaddling.

Tight swaddling

Most often, a "tight" means a tighter swaddling with straightening the hands and feet of the child. It was so swaddled children in Russian hospitals and nurseries years 20-30 ago. Of course, such swaddling promotes more calm demeanor during "vskidyvany," but it also provokes more Violent reactions in awakening the child.

Of course, this treatment does not stimulate the development of touch. Tips "competent" grandmothers "in order to have smooth legs," or "to sleep calmly," no justification for such violence. Moreover, the thoughtless use of tight swaddling slows the development of the basic movements of hands, baby accustomed to their handles only 6 months, and may even7-8 months to wake myself sharp movements.

Lack of changing

It is noticed that a child is being held entirely without diapers and leave a long lie down, waving his arms and legs, it becomes more hectic, it is more difficult to fall asleep and falling asleep, it is easy to wake up her arms.

When to stop swaddling?

Age to stop changing every child is different, some well say goodbye to the diaper in 10 days, others — in six months. The criterion for the duration of swaddling may be the presence or absence of "vskidyvany." If a child throws up — diaper on the sleep he still needed sleep easy — there is no need.

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