System of total control in action


One universal electronic card (UEC) will passport and insurance policy, and bank card and medical card, etc.;
UEC will give everything, because by law to abandon it like it is possible, but the failure mechanism is not, and as shown by the Moscow law, not even necessary;
this is a single database that will store all: registration, real estate transactions, medical history, immunizations, benefits, payroll, etc.
instead of state obligations, which it has under the Constitution, and now we will be offering "services". First, it is unconstitutional, and secondly, it is a market where the root of all change habitual ways of interaction between man and the state;
These services will be carried out commercial organizations!, banks! and even foreign organizations!. Question, but where is the government? This is at least dangerous, it is drained of information about citizens abroad, and all the work of the state can not be fastened on the banks, and suddenly they burst through another crisis, then what?
under the Constitution we have no authority "e-government", which referred to the law, to make it invited the European Union and at the same time allocated 2 million.
even America to abandon this system, arguing that if the items are manufactured abroad, it allows foreign governments to crack the system. Our own project is done entirely on the foreign components and software base for foreign money and foreign experts. Where is our security?
Moscow City Duma adopted the law changes lives of every man, accepted without the slightest hint of public discussion.

UEC will be the basis for a unified transnational database that contains detailed files on each person, after the establishment of a transition to the polls chipping people become banal formality.

What is UEC
The legislative framework for implanting microchips under the skin is ready. You can verify this by reading the "Strategy of development of the electronics industry in Russia until 2025", approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation № 311 of August 7, 2007.

Here are some excerpts from the "Strategy" (pp. 59-61):
".. The introduction of nanotechnology should further expand the depth of its penetration into the daily life of the population.
It shall be a constant relationship of each individual to the global information and control networks such as Internet.
Nanoelectronics will be integrated with biological objects and provide continuous control over the maintenance of their life, improved quality of life, and thus reduce social expenditures.
Widespread get built-in wireless nanoelectronic devices that provide constant contact with the surrounding human intellectual environment, will become common means of direct wireless contact with the human brain surrounding objects, vehicles, and other people. The circulation of such products to over one billion units per year due to its ubiquity … "

Simple Russian language:
in accordance with the "Strategy" All people will be microchipped (chip sewn into the body). In the U.S., thousands of Americans are already microchipped (chip, typically sutured to the right hand phalanges between thumb and index finger)
Dimensions of the "bio-chip" are 11.5 mm long and 0.75 mm wide, it is the size of one risinki. "Bio-chip" contains a transponder (transmitter).
VeriChip main failure lies in the absolute insecurity of compromising the device code and the complete absence of authentication, both the device and the requesting system.
Chipped population, is completely controlled by a gray mass — a dream of a world government. Then Objectionable for such a government will be man enough to disable the chip to the person de facto disappeared. # cutid1

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