«Tactical Missiles» increased production by six times

The company «Tactical Missiles», made in January 2002, for 10 years turned into a strong, steadily growing company that can successfully compete in the global arms markets, said Sun CEO of suburban Boris Obnosov recently the 10th anniversary of the holding.

«The main result of the organizational and economic activity of the company — is consistent building deliveries of military purpose as a band on defense procurement and export. In 2004, revenues of the holding was 6.76 billion rubles, then, according to preliminary results of 2011, this figure will have about 40 billion rubles. In other words, eight years revenue rose almost 6 times «- said Obnosov, reports» Interfax «.

He noted that in 2011 the company’s revenue grew by more than 8% compared with 2010. Revenue from parent company for the year-end estimated at about 9 billion rubles.

«As of net profit the company expects to reach a level of about 3.1 billion rubles,» — said Obnosov.

He noted that the company’s enterprise customers now supplies a wide range of aircraft guided weapons class «air-air», «air-surface», also sea missile class «ship-to-ship», «shore-to-ship» and other marine systems of offensive and defensive weapons.

«As a result of research the global arms market, once a year by the magazine published a notable» Defense News «, the company in recent years consistently comes in a hundred world leaders defense companies. In 2010, she in the list assigned to the 62nd line, «- said the head of the company.

JSC «Corporation» Tactical Missiles «connects voedinyzhdy 19 leading companies CMO of. Built structure was realized as a new type of company, smogshaya not only save with every enterprise technology, and develop them on the basis of general corporate purposes, aimed at solving municipal problems, said Obnosov.

He recalled that the association took place in several steps. More difficult was the second step, when the corporation became a descent of eight companies, including such well-known as GosMKB «Vympel», GosMKB «Rainbow» SSPE «Region». Each of their previously made an umbrella in his own direction, «Vympel» — for guided missiles «air-air»; «Rainbow» — on missiles «air-surface» and sea missile systems, «Region» — to create a unique species of underwater guns and smart bombs.

Now these companies together with leading enterprise companies are doing the role of backbone, ensuring the supply of basic finishing products.

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