Tender age in Eastern Europe

Tender age of Eastern EuropeIt would seem that the creation of such education as the European Alliance was on the long years solve the problem of a mutual understanding on the ground in Europe. But our brothers smallest number of states, once part of the Warsaw Company Contract until that time can not truly taste the milk from the breast of Berlin, Paris and London. What Merkel and Sarkozy's breasts is not, you know, a pan-European con, the general in feeding babies are denied democratic, buttoned to the neck. Well, in such a situation, say, to lead themselves the same Poles, Balts, Romanians or Bulgarians? And there is still happening and so that these kids can not divide their children's toys — European missile defense system. That one little hands to pull the radar, others, others, seeing that they get nothing, thrown to the ground and started kicking with full force waving and tears shed — say, too, wish for themselves the same toy as the baby-neighbor. Here, even the United States — the world's main producer of "PRO-toys" for democratizing not old days and bounds the other kids are just a dead end. Or their toys in all there is not enough (maybe with their toy factory prepyadstviya appeared), or Santa Obama has decided to make such toys only the most obedient evromalysham, not just anyone.

Realizing that for "mother's milk" of Maiden Merkel and special "toys" from the Santa Obama and his faithful reindeer from the administration, many evromladentsy addressed in a special way to excel. And that can amuse the real democratic parents no matter how new words of their own children. Here are the kids and try to enter into your own vocabulary, words such as "Give the radar", "Ah-ah-ah — Russian threat" as "Agu-ary, we wish Russian gas — yes to nothing!"

Tossed in our own Central European Poland hole and can not understand where is the very bosom of the parent, where you can take a break from these dastardly invaders from the East. And do not you cry German vest — also, like it or not, the invaders were. That remains to gather in their own playpen and embracing with the Balts, jingling new rattles, singing songs about oppression, Katyn, especially downed Russian special services Lech Kaczynski plane and how ever come prazdnichek their narrow Warsaw, Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius streets.

In the Romanian mladodemokratii prepyadstviya and that substantial. On the nose — New Year, and Moldova — are still on the map of Europe! Well, after a nightmare! And there is still this election-shmybory President of Transnistria, which surely beat supporter of integration with Russia Yevgeny Shevchuk. Bucharest can only rejoice that Santa Obama forgets about it for a minute. Before Christmas, it was still far away, and Santa Obama has already presented the Romanians base Deveselu in Wallachia. Santa Obama has decided that the Romanian democracy demo as well themselves established in an old Europe newest thing to Bucharest and another gift to celebrate. Santa has promised the head of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that it will be also other toys — South American cruisers with interceptor missiles at the very coast of Romania.

In this situation it is quite amazing by the standards of today's Eastern Europe leads themselves Czech Republic. The neighbors do not understand how so — the Czechs to the same shall be removed from overseas "PRO-gifts" in bright packing counter the Iranian threat. And the word is anti-Russian in especially large sizes are not learning to and embedded in the European Union once without hysteria and pressure of their own inferiority in contrast to the Poles or Bulgarians and Romanians. Even Russian President Czech Republic takes on its territory. Well, except for yourself will allow such "puncture" real favorite of Romania or Estonia? Is will want to incur the themselves Warsaw overseas anger, thinking of inviting Russian favorite? After all, there is at least some aircraft, even cardboard, flown from Russia is perceived as part of a massive air raid. The authorities in these countries, only catching sight of that part of Moscow in their direction moving something flying, apparently, are beginning to find the iron door in the floor, veiled carpet.

In general, these Czechs were some incorrect … The Bulgarians won Russia decided to freeze projects almost harsh, and the Czechs, on the contrary, co-develop. Even agreed on the construction of new nuclear reactors "Temelin", almost 11.5% of trade turnover with Russia lifted. Neuzh Czech evromladenets is the first of all the "former sotslagernyh" decided to themselves, that build all sorts of anti-Russian axis of the "Warsaw-Prague-Bucharest" or "London-Prague-Tbilisi" not so far profitable as just pick up and start with Russia not to wage war, and trade. With all of this Czech Republic negotiates with Russia not only on trade, but also at the level of cultural and humanitarian joint actions. Apparently, the "naughty" from the standpoint of the neighbors, the Czech evromladenets have long and baby altogether, throwing a fit with or without cause. And if so, then our home can and should develop with the State standard and pragmatic business, very relaxed even discussing the most pressing issues of general past. Mental age of the Czech Republic for this — is entirely appropriate.

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