Teotihuacan — deserted mystical city!

Mexico is full of mysteries and it's not just the buildings of the past proved amazing and incredible artifacts. One such place is and Teotihuacan. It is a city of enormous size for the time, was built by someone who did not leave behind no trace. There never lived people: no graves, no residues of their guns, or any other signs of their habitat. for what or for whom it was created?

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In reality, the finding is surprising and it is primarily due to the fact that there are buildings, there are streets, but there is no trace of human presence. It seemed like such a huge city to live people who eventually died and were buried, and therefore should remain the remains of skeletons and other evidence of human existence. But they are not!

Just 50 kilometers from Mexico City are the ruins of the ancient city of Teotihuacan, which is the most incredible archaeological finds during the existence of mankind. The main feature of the city, this is a huge pyramid on its territory. They are all facing the same side of the world, their faces are immaculate, the main feature of their location, it is full compliance with the location of the planets in the solar system. The central and largest pyramid symbolizes the sun, it is located further from the pyramids are smaller and symbolizing the planets revolving around a celestial object, there is even a pyramid — the Moon. After measuring the distance between the pyramids, scientists reported an unexpected result — all the distances between space correspond to real objects in the solar system, but the scale of 1 to 100 million. Who founded this city, where the inhabitants and who destroyed it? Answers to these questions, despite the huge number of expeditions and no.

The city of Teotihuacan was built BC, roughly 3,000 years ago. As early as the seventh century AD it came the first representatives of the Aztec civilization. They waited almost destroyed and thrown to the ground the town. All caches tombs and ritual gifts were looted and sacred statues mutilated and beaten. The only thing that survived were the giant pyramids, apparently due to the fact that destroy them is almost impossible, because they are built of huge monolithic blocks each weighing not less than 5 tons. This city has so impressed the Aztecs, they called it — City of the Gods.

How could the ancient inhabitants of the city, to build the great pyramids of material such as gray basalt, which is second only to diamond strength. All components of the pyramid stones are treated with such precision and care that the joints between them can not even stick a knife blade. Imagine that this is done by means of tools made of copper or bronze is simply not possible.

According to modern scholars city of Teotihuacan Empire was the largest in the Americas. It is home to nearly 200,000 people. This city has had a significant impact on the culture of Latin America. At its peak it surpassed the size of a major European capital of the empire — Rome. However, historians to this day have not even heard the name of its rulers. The inhabitants of Teotihuacan have left no written evidence — not royal decrees or columns. By the standards of the ancient population of 200,000, it is a huge number, but who inhabit it? The answer to this question does not know who knows only one thing that a civilization that lived there, was very advanced. Scientists have no answer as to why the death of the city. The only thing that archaeologists were able to establish this fact, the fact that the city was destroyed almost instantly.

The fact that the destruction of a great city was just for one day, archaeologists have learned after the set date of construction of each pyramid. As it turned out, they are constructed simultaneously in the same time. It could not happen if the population of the city is dying for centuries, because there is always something new generation completes. That is why the difference in the construction of the pyramids in Egypt reaches thousands of years. Archaeologists believe that the city of Teotihuacan was killed in a single day from the invasion of the barbarians. It destroyed the tribe that came from the north of modern Mexico. But this version, despite the reality that all the same can not be adopted as the main causes of the destruction as an indication of the city.

First of all, this is due to the fact that archaeologists have failed to detect traces of weapons or household items that would have to stay in a place where people lived a long time. It seems that the entire population of the city has collected all his belongings and departed in an unknown direction, and thus has left not a single evidence of its жизнедеятельности.Некоторые researchers hypothesize that this could only happen because of an alien civilization — ancient people stole it!

As proof of his words, proponents of this hypothesis cite data of recent excavations. During excavations at the foot of one of the pyramids, archaeologists have found the well-preserved remains of a strange creature that looks like a child, but with a huge head and a tail. Proponents argue the existence of an alien civilization that found the remains belong to an alien from another planet. Since these statements is fundamentally disagree anthropologists, they claim that the found remains belong to an unknown to modern science mammal animal, but has been exposed to severe mutation. The fact that the mutations are not uncommon and occur in different parts of our planet has long been known and is not a secret.

There are supporters of the version that the city was extremely hostile to them, and technologies are capable of destroying life on other planets. Obviously, the aliens attacked and destroyed the first potential enemy from the ground and thus destroyed all evidence of civilization. In acknowledgment of this version shows and special location of the pyramids in the strict mathematical proportions and the last unfinished pyramid on the east side, which perhaps was the final touch in creating an interplanetary weapons and is not completed due to the intervention of an extraterrestrial civilization.

All versions have a right to exist, but which one is correct, archaeologists will probably in the near future, as the work on the excavation did not stop, but on the contrary, is gaining momentum.



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