Terracotta Army — immortal eight thousandth army of China!

Terracotta Army — Wonder of the world, of which many have heard. However, archeology is still trying to discover its secrets. As the ancient masters were able to create something that no one before them did. Collect eight thousandth army out of clay?

Terracotta Army, as well as the beginning of construction of the Great Wall of China, the subordination of the kingdoms of ancient China, the construction of the Empire — all the glory and merit of the great Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Qin Shi Huang — the first representative of the Qin Dynasty in 246 BC. e. Shi Huang united the kingdoms of China, which at the time of his reign were in incessant wars. History knows him as the ruler of the first centralized Chinese state. The Qin Dynasty was to rule China for ten years, generations, but was overthrown in a couple of years after the death of Shi Huangdi.

Shortly after the unification of China, the construction of the tomb of the emperor. Not far from Xi'an. The construction of this building were brought 700,000 artisans and workers, which in the future and become the prototype of the famous terracotta army

Legend says. That together with Shi Huang had to be buried alive his 4000 soldiers to guard the rest of the ruler, but such an action could lead to widespread discontent of the people, and the emperor moved away from the idea. Zhivim soldiers came to replace them with a copy of clay, whose number was doubled.

The sculptural complex consists of 4 parts: two areas for soldiers, mines and command center.

Dimensions funeral complex — a living testimony to the power and majesty of China at the time of the Qin government. The Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin was one of the greatest discoveries of the XX century. The tomb of the Emperor was discovered in 1974, the first Chinese peasants digging a well, and then identified by experienced archaeologists.

Together with the 7,000 soldiers that are on display there, and drawn by four horses and war chariots. Now, the site of the ancient city organized a museum.

The uniqueness of terracotta army consists in the fact that when we look at those soldiers you will not find any similar entity. All persons and individual forms. Growth Warriors 180-190 cm, weight about 136 kg each. Each man was carrying a real weapon: crossbows, lances and swords. But during the popular uprisings weapon was permanently borrowed by farmers. Back in the land of the figures have been found officials, musicians and acrobats.

All clay figures were very brightly colored, but come down to us are not as bright, due to the fact that the colors faded from exposure to oxygen when the soldiers began removing the surface.

It is much more you can learn from the film "Clay Army of China"
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