Tests have begun production of the Su-34 Russian Air Force

Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association named after Chkalov (NAPO) has started to factory test the next batch of serial bombers Su-34 is designed to transfer the Air Force RF. According to a press release, "Dry", of which comes NAPO, the tests are carried out within the framework of the state defense order for 2011 year. How specifically bombers undergoing flight tests, is not specified.

At the current time in service with the Russian Air Force are 10 Sou-34, the first of which is acted on armament at the end of 2009. The last batch of the aircraft was transferred to the military at the end of 2010. In total, the Air Force RF ordered from "Dry" 32 bomber, and before 2015 it is planned to acquire about 70 Sou-34. Delivery of the aircraft will be carried out within the framework of the state program of armaments for 2011-2020, the amount of funding which will be 19 trillion rubles.

Earlier it was reported that since 2011 will release an upgraded version of the Su-34. Namely, the new aircraft will be fitted upgraded high-Turbofan engines AL-31FM1 and auxiliary gas turbine power plants TA14-130-35, which will run the engines of aircraft on the ground without the introduction of ground-based equipment. Refreshed Sou-34 will also get new missiles of "air-to-air" and "air-to-surface".

Su-34 in the future form the basis of front-line bomber RF. Aircraft capable of speeds up to 1.9 thousand kilometers per hour, and its combat radius is 1.1 thousand kilometers. Sou-34 is armed with 30-millimeter cannon and has 12 points of suspension for suspension of arms weighing up to eight tons.

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