Thailand in panic over the disastrous floods

Thailand in panic over the disastrous flood — in the kingdom inundated 28 of 76 provinces. Experts call it the most powerful impact of elements over the past 10 years. The death toll reached 373 people. Water destroyed at least 800,000 homes.
Floods halted assembly of machines in factories, "Toyota", "Honda", "Mazda" and "Ford." Submerged branches of U.S. and Japanese companies manufacturing computer components. In particular, discontinued production of hard drives, which is why shortfall of these parts on the market.

According to preliminary estimates, the damage from the floods could reach $ 16 billion. Temporarily shut down nearly 300 bank branches, stopped work almost 10,000 factories, workshops, and case number of companies are flooded. Temporarily out of work were about 700 thousand people.
The situation remains tense with potable water — plants producing plastic bottles and bottled drinking water also flooded. Residents of the Thai capital in panic buying food and other essential goods. Comes in many shops and houses in Bangkok lined with sandbags and reinforced cinder blocks.

For safety of the three prisons located in the northern suburbs of the capital, to other provinces brought several hundred prisoners.
In total, in the work of the kingdom of 1,2 thousand shelters for people displaced from their homes. Total flood affected more than three million people, about 720,000 of them sought medical treatment, there are 200 mobile hospitals.


Flooding is a serious threat for most of the capital of the kingdom. The government announced the period from 27 to 31 October forced the weekend in order to give the residents of Bangkok to prepare for flooding, and those who do so to leave the city. Currently, the roads leading out of the capital of Thailand in the south-east towards Cambodia and in the south-west to Malaysia, overcrowded vehicles. Congestion complicated by the fact that on the bridges and overpasses large number of cars parked in those residents of the capital who do not intend to leave the city, but they want to save their vehicles from flooding.
Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport is still working normally. Don Mueang Airport closed due to flooding of the runways until at least November 1.
According to the director of the Disaster Rangsit University Professor Seri Suparadit, in the worst possible scenarios in Bangkok will be flooded completely. Tenth of the city — areas along rivers and canals — can go under water by two meters. Another quarter of the urban area will go under water a meter, about 25 percent more space — up to 50 centimeters.
Russian tour operators, despite the rampant disaster, are not going to cancel a trip to Thailand, as the flood does not threaten the safety of tourists, the vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Yuri Barzykin. According to him, the union is in the constant monitoring of the situation in the country, using information from the Russian Foreign Ministry and embassies in Bangkok and major operators working in this direction.
In turn, the Russian Embassy in Bangkok, urges all his compatriots to make informed decisions about visiting Thailand in the near future and until final resolution of the crisis. Information about the victims of the floods Russians did not arrive, the ITAR-TASS news agency.


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