Thailand is suffering from fires in Indonesia

Smoke from fires in Sumatra.On the Indonesian island of Sumatra fires continue to rage, the smoke of which delivers a lot of difficulties to neighboring states, particularly Thailand. Its southern province of Trang could forcibly plunged into the fire. For the current season is the second wave of smoke, forcing the Thais living in cramped conditions.

According to experts, the current smokescreen covers all 10 districts of the province and significantly compacted compared to previous days. Smoke over Thailand worsens visibility on the roads, which increases the risk of accidents on the busiest routes are in the region. Authorities call the local fishing fleet sailors follow when using extreme caution, as visibility at sea is extremely deteriorated.
The land part of the country is also in a position to monitor the situation with the strong smoke. If he continues to deal with Sumatra, will be introduced to compulsory wearing respiratory masks in the streets, especially for children.
High hopes for a possible rain Thais, because it is able to clear the air of smoke adversity and accelerate extinguishing Indonesian fires.


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