Thailand: Pattaya on the storm hit. Samui — shower

Of Pattaya came strong tidal wave, and the island of Koh Samui struck a powerful shower. In the resorts expect more downside, says

Earlier, on March 15, the water is gone from the shores of Pattaya, so far, that the ships at the piers lay on the bottom. And today, tourists and locals are watching her swift return, accompanied by squally winds.

Anomalous behavior of the weather, local media attributed to the recent earthquake in Japan. And predicts a significant deterioration in the next 2 days.

Bad weather also struck the island of Koh Samui, where there is a powerful incessant rain and tidal waves engulf coastal restaurants.

In addition, as the correspondent of RIA "New Region", in Thailand, an anomalous decrease in temperature. For example, in Bangkok the thermometer dropped to 16 degrees Celsius, and in the northern provinces of Thailand — to 6 degrees.

Meteorological Department of Thailand connects the temperature decrease with global warming.


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