Thailand: Underground fire in the province of Phitsanulok

April 26. Relevant officials went to explore the place in Nakhon, Phitsanulok (Phitsanulok — one of the provinces of Thailand, located in the north central part of the country. — Approx. Ed.) In the Thai area where, reportedly raging underground fire. Also asserts that ongon burned four dogs.

Last Saturday, a resident Chatree Boonyarit also suffered burns while trying to save the dogs in the area.

"Before that, another person injured in the same place. He said that the road surface is slightly collapsed and opened fire blazing under the earth, "- says the village elder NACHA Sanaghsayri.The place was surrounded.

"We used water to control fire, which started to rise to the surface," — said Issaraporn Sacha, head of disaster prevention and mitigation in Phitsanulok.

Sombyun Kositanon, a senior employee of Mineral Resources, said — the initial survey showed that it is possible to blame was the methane from the accumulated sawdust, weeds and dry leaves, and the heat could cause a fire.

"It's like those fires in the forest, peat swamps of the south," — he said.

In Uttaradit (Uttaradit — Uttaradit Province is located in the north, in the valley of Nan — approx. Ed.), Part of the road was cracked in the heat of summer and the locals say that they thought about what happened explosion or earthquake. Crack — a depth of 15 centimeters.

"It is quite possible that the reinforcing steel in the road caused the explosion," — said the local weather bureau. — "The temperature was over 40 degrees Celsius for several days now."

Translation: Alex Crete

Underground fire took an area of 400 square meters on Nakhontay Dan Sai Road.

In 1982, this place was a sawmill and residents there were burning wood to produce charcoal.

Officers of the fenced area and put the warning signs. In addition, local residents were encouraged to pour water on the ground to reduce the burning.

Reason underground fire has not been determined so far, and officials have asked for assistance to other agencies to determine the cause.

Residents believe that this phenomenon was caused by the recent earthquakes in Thailand. They also want the officials to more quickly determine the cause of fire and put a fence around the perimeter to prevent the entry of children into dangerous territory and animals.

Translation: Alex Crete


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