The action of the pyramids

Back in the early 20th century, the study of the pyramids, scientists have paid attention to their unusual properties. They noticed that the inside of the pyramid there is a certain energy.

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In studies revealed that the pyramid affect all objects that fall under these regulations. Long sour milk, contaminated water is purified by bacteria, moldy cheese and instant coffee acquires the taste and smell of this.

Cut flowers can stay fresh in the pyramid more than a month, and if you wash your hair with water that is infused in the pyramid, you can disappear gray hair and improve hair growth. Scientists have determined that under the pyramid to sharpen the blades themselves, increases the germination of seeds. If you hold under the influence of the pyramid water, food or drugs, they will get the healing properties, and drugs will have side effects.

A lot of experiments conducted on the treatment of serious diseases with water, infused in the pyramid. Pass tuberculosis, hepatitis, pneumonia, and even cancer. Some people make a model of the pyramid and spend some time under it. And also noticed improved health. They passed insomnia, improved immunity and memory. If you sleep under a pyramid, you can even get rid of the stress and lose weight.

There was even conducted an unusual experiment on the use

zovaniyu pyramid in the colony. It turned out that its action greatly reduces aggression and reduces the number of offenses. Some manufacturers have adopted it and produce a small pyramid made of different materials for home use. And they also operate.
What is the basis of the pyramids is an amazing effect?

The main part of the ancient knowledge lost, and modern scientists have not yet figured out why the pyramids so act on the human subjects. But one thing is clear that the shape of the pyramid creates a certain energy field that is actively interacts with objects and living bodies and changes them.

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