The asteroid will fly on Monday near the Earth

Asteroid 2011 MD, whose size ranges from 8 to 18 meters, on Monday will fly very close to our planet — below the orbits of geostationary satellites. Its collision with Earth is possible, scientists say.

Asteroid 2011 MD was discovered only two days ago, RIA Novosti reported with reference to NASA. On Monday, June 27, at 13.26 GMT (17.26 MSK), he flies away 0.00012 AU from Earthabout 18,000 kilometers, less than half the height of the geostationary orbit (about 36,000 kilometers).

The trajectory of the asteroid at the time of closest approach to the Earth will run over the South Atlantic and the Antarctic coast.

Scientists believe that an asteroid collision with Earth is possible, but it can fly on satellites and space debris. In addition, the Earth's gravity can greatly change the orbit of 2011 MD.

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