The chief weapons Israeli navy on the prospects of

The chief weapons Israeli navy Colonel Meir Ben Zook in a special interview for the portal Israel Defense said about a brand new missile boat, unmanned surface apparatus, ASW weapons, also of Syrian ASM "Yakhont", which are all the same real danger to Israel.

Soon Israel will become a modern corvette a displacement of 1300 tons, which comparable with the largest available now at Israel Sa'ar 5 corvette type. These corvettes run shipbuilding company Ingalls Shipbuilding, USA.

Earlier, Israeli navy refused to buy South American warship coastal developed Lockheed Martin, with a displacement of 2000 tons. Negotiations to purchase braked after the ship cost has increased significantly. The Israelis then studied the possibility of building a ship similar to its own shipyards in the base of which was due to go to the German corvette design MEKO A-100, but the idea was rejected.

What are the current plans of the Navy of Israel?

— Before the fleet and a huge number of tasks, the most important of which is to ensure the protection of the Israeli sea lanes and freedom of maritime movement in wartime. We are strengthening our forces based on those needs.

The ability of the Navy and unavoidable in everyday situations can be maximized only if the mobility of offshore platforms. Only one aircraft is unable to guarantee the sovereignty. Unfortunately, we do not have the right amount of offshore platforms, well, and today their placement and alignment of forces is outdated. The fleet needs to be modernized. The geopolitical situation has also radically changed. The countries whose navies in the past 30-40 years has not evolved, now engaged in a regional arms race and have modern naval systems.

But because the size — not the most important thing in the sea, is not it?

— That's right, from time to time it has its flaws. Warships and their services cost very dearly. Yet, our needs require a small increase in the number of ships. Naval platform should carry some weight ammunition, and act normally in attack and defense.

Israeli fleet is not valid because the naval forces of other countries, where for a wide range of tasks provided for certain types of military courts. Israeli navy ships have a versatile, able to do a lot of tasks at once. The selection of new ships for the modernization of the fleet, this aspect is paramount. At the current time we are considering several options. Previously, we focused on the ships with a displacement of more than 2000 tons, and now, in the criteria of budget constraints, we motivate the ships, which are comparable in size to the already available.

More ship, still less is it an easy target?

— Not necessarily. Governmental ships have several levels of protection that provides the highest level of survivability.

Does this mean that the plans for the MEKO A-100 is no longer burning?

— That's right. MEKO A-100 — is a displacement of 2200 tons corvette

How do you assess the possibility of building a new ship in the shipyard in Israel's case, a grant from the Ministry of the money and give it impetus to the development of shipbuilding in Israel?

— We are considering all options.

Maybe if that subsequent corvette will be built at Ingalls Shipbuilding shipyard and funded as part of U.S. military aid?

— As I said, we are exploring all abilities

Operational nature

Prior to the presidency in the Department of Arms Ben Zook held various command positions on surface ships, and was head of the Department of the Navy money (being a naval officer, Ben Zook has an economic education). The Department of Arms is responsible for the operation and condition of the Navy.

You mentioned the maritime arms race in the Middle East. It is a question of the supersonic missile "Yakhont" Our homeland which has put Syria?

— These rockets are dangerous precisely. Thanks to its own speed and advanced technology guidance, these weapons are the best in its class in the Middle East.

Does not mean that the anti-missile complexes IAI Barak 8 production will be a response to this threat?

-This is not a response to a specific threat. Naval forces are seeing the dangers with the utmost seriousness and continue to develop a wide range of defense systems. This has been and remains our goal.

Last year there were reports that Hamas was carrying contraband Chinese anti-ship missile C-704 in the Gaza Strip. Can I Israeli Navy respond to this threat?

— Of course, we understand about these rockets to Gaza. In the end, after all this, we intercepted a shipment. It was envisaged that a similar strategic weapons in the hands of terrorist organizations would enhance Iran's military ambitions.

Can you say with confidence that a similar armament not deployed at this time along the coast of the Gaza Strip?

— No.

Israeli fleet a remotely operated patrol boats c inserted combat systems of production Rafael. Are there plans to expand the capabilities of unmanned surface vehicles?

— We believe that such systems can be used for a wide range of applications. They are very effective, and these technologies are progressing briskly.

Are there plans to deploy helicopters AS-565 at a later corvette?

— Yes, we coordinate our work with the Air Force to develop a helicopter with a huge radius of the act and that it will not take more overall flight deck.

Industrial Communication

Despite the fact that the Navy is a small component of the armed forces of Israel (some even equate it to the size of the average air base), Israeli defense companies are still working on several projects for the state CPA.

— Fleet tightly woven with the industry — recognizes Colonel Ben Zook. — As a consequence of the fact that our naval forces are limited in scope, the Russian defense industry made a technological breakthrough and sverhtehnologichny engaged in the development of products, which we expect will be needed to zabugornyh markets. The fact is that the proprietary technology provides the added benefit of the fleet. "

Israeli arms manufacturers are also developing various subsea systems.

— Systems countering submarine attacks designed spirited pace — explains Ben Zook.

What can you say about the development of radar for the Navy, which will constantly explore space without using a narrow beam-move?

— These technologies can be applied everywhere. But the Navy such radars will be used exclusively in the areas for which you need a long observation.

MS integrated naval component acts in the Army?

— We are constantly analyzing whether the Navy to contribute in one way or another situation, as the ability to integrate it with other forces. For example, the naval forces participated in "Operation Cast Lead", hitting the target and providing support to ground troops. A similar inter-species cooperation improved.

Navy decides whether measures to protect energy resources, which were not so long ago, found in the Mediterranean?

— Navy is able to protect energy resources. But there is a smooth relationship between the financing of similar tasks and the level of protection provided. Almost all depends on this factor, and at the moment we are waiting for the decision about the budget that is allocated to ensure the protection of energy resources.

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