The climate is changing faster than the opinion of him


Nearly 200 countries are taking part in a UN conference on climate change in Durban (South Africa). Critics, however, doubt that participants can develop a comprehensive strategy to combat global atmospheric changes. The conference will be held within 12 days. The main theme of the meeting — the extension of the Kyoto Protocol, which expires next year. The agreement commits the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.The discussions are expected to be two of the biggest "polluter" — U.S. and China. Washington has said it would not ratify the agreement as long as the responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions will not be equally responsible for developing economies — such as China, India and Brazil. Beijing, in turn, insisted that the responsibility for environmental degradation is primarily the developed countries, and sees no reason why others should share it.Speaking at the opening ceremony on Monday, South African President Jacob Zuma said that such disputes strongest impact on developing countries, especially in Africa, where, in his words, "climate change — a matter of life and death." The representative of Bolivia Diego Balance stressed that the conference must learn from past mistakes. In Durbin will also discuss the possibility of an annual fee $ 100 million to fund Green Climate, to help developing countries adapt to climate change.


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