The consequences of a violent storm on the East Coast of the U.S.. Photographic

The postman delivered a letter to the victim of a violent storm a house in Washington, DC, July 2, 2012.

From North Carolina to New Jersey 2 million people remain without electricity as a result of a severe storm that hit the East Coast of the U.S.. Local residents were warned that the supply of electricity fully restored only after almost a week. Before dangling power lines will be restored, it is necessary to remove the collapsed trees and other debris that are a hindrance to start repair work.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that the elderly and ill people difficult to be in a stuffy room with no air conditioning in this hot weather. Many found refuge in hotels or basements.

Workers repair service block area streets with trees collapsed in Baltimore.

A woman looks at the collapsed trees blocking the entrance to the house, in Baltimore.

Worker Harris Teeter grocery store gives free ice as humanitarian aid to the victims in Bethesda, Maryland.

The tree with the word "free wood" crushed car in Falls Church, Virginia. The victims of the storm were already 24 people.

Downed power lines close to the Rout-30 in the direction in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Caroline and Peter Tribble Atris tolerate things from the house, as officials announced that the houses be unsafe because of severe storm in Wilson, North Carolina.

Marcia McCloud and her great-granddaughter Makayla Milton in medical office Sandusky High School in Lynchburg, Virginia.

A resident of Fairfax Hall Kathryn Davis is a high school cafeteria, Kate Collins in Waynesboro, Virginia.

Car, crushed by a tree on Carrington Road in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Joe Tiago filming downed pole and electrical transformer on Old Keene Mill Road in Springfield, Virginia.

Tyler Taylor, 14, is on a large tree collapsed in Falls Church, Virginia.

Suburban Washington's Cleveland Park are under the collapsed tree.

Pietschmann children outside his home, the victim of a neighbor's tree crashed in West Chicago, Illinois.

Worker repairs power lines over the traffic lights in Lynchburg.

Workers repair power lines in Springfield, Virginia.

Lightning in Hebron, Maryland.

Lightning in Hanover County, Virginia.

A fire started by a lightning strike to the north of Frederick, Maryland.

A girl helps a cyclist to pass under the tape, which encloses the collapsed area with trees in Dyuopn Circle in Washington.

Workers use a car to transport golf sticks with collapsed trees Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland.

Locals Ashley Dole, Vicky Hunt and Andrew Henry standing near fallen trees in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Francis Lakens stands in his living room, which has a ceiling collapsed fractured oak in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The victim, Scott Cooper moves on crutches. Large oak tree fell on their car, when Cooper was there with her mother, leaving them trapped, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Worker raises wires dangling tree collapsed on them, in Northfield, New Jersey.

Dangling power lines in Linwood, New Jersey.

A massive oak fell to the sidewalk, crushing two cars on Weber Road in Columbus, Ohio.

Vehicle damaged by tree collapsed on him, in Falls Church, Virginia.

Worker uses a chainsaw to cut branches from a collapsed tree Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland.

Linda di Bernardo sets first aid tent at the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival on the National Mall in Washington.

Geraldine Gaik, Cassie Siben, 7 years old, Kelly ace, 9, and Lillian Baima in the gym of the North-West High School in Hayatsville, Maryland.

Robert Denny, his wife Kelly Reyes and their 9-month-old daughter Lily Denia in the gym of the North-West High School in Hayatsville, Maryland.


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