The consequences of prolonged rainfall in Serbia

The flood in western Serbia, about 200 residents of Osechina were forced to leave their homes. Emergency evacuation undergone elderly citizen. The water comes from and subsequent landslides completely paralyzed road traffic in the region of Valjevo. Raised the water of the river Yadar also become an obstacle in the road. 1500-2000 hectares of farmland flooded in after the flood Kotselevo Tamnava. Prior to residential areas water is not reached.
Livni, lasting for several days across the country, can trigger several river overflows and floods in the east of the country, according to meteorologists. According to forecasts, the rainy weather will continue for the next two days. For the Sava and Danube basin and situated on this settlement there is little threat of flooding as this month, the water level in the rivers dropped significantly.
In the area of greatest risk authorities have sent rescue teams ready for prompt action in case of emergency. 140 of the 170 municipalities in Serbia and are designed to be vigilant and careful.


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