The day when the fish surfaced



12.05.11.Posledstviya fish kills in Lake Pioneer literally stirred the local residents and the many fishing enthusiasts. Nor could it be otherwise, when after the disappearance of ice and warm water dismal picture is not harvested for the May supplement hundreds of banks have started to decompose dead carp, silver carp and other fish. Finished a dismal picture fetid smell.

Information about the incident spread so fast, especially on the Internet, which, as is often the case, began to become self-sufficient, and an event called an unexpected disaster. However, this did not happen. As quickly as possible to their available resources, to the aftermath began Department of Ecology and MUP "City Park." Two days later, bypassing the lake shore, the remains of traces freeze could be seen only by their searching. Only here and there through the water milky spots shone carcass of dead fish. Odor disappeared. Specialists of the Department of Ecology inform us that an environmental disaster on Lake Pioneer happened.

So what happened? This phenomenon, which occurs periodically in private ponds, and even in some parts of the reservoir, is called fish kills. It is well known to ichthyologists, fishermen and local residents. The reason is the lack of oxygen in the water. Zamor is at the confluence series of unfavorable conditions and usually begins in the winter. So what happened this time, and in many suburbs and reservoirs in Ramenskoye district too. Even the toll ponds where organized amateur and sport fishing (eg Lake Boboc). Experts call these causes abnormally hot summer, low water levels and the thick ice in the winter. In the case of Pioneer, you can add and the lack of open water from the spillway of the plant "RPGs", which allowed earlier to live in a small artificial pond a large variety of fish. Therefore, suffered here in the first place "hothouse" carp and big carp. It should be noted that the effects of freeze could have been much worse if not for the efforts to prevent it, taken in February, activists Fishing Club "Saturn Fish." They have managed to drill holes in the ice and pumping air compressor for enriching water with oxygen. The details of this stock and just a chronicle of events, described "Viktorychem" can be read on the club's website.

However, to put an end to this story soon. What will happen to the lake with continued warm water, because at the bottom of the deceased is the fish? What will happen to the lake and coastal recreation areas, so beloved residents of neighboring houses? Search for answers to be the city administration, the deputies of the city council. And this newspaper hopes that solutions will be found and readers can learn about them from the pages of "Spring".


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